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~Andromeda - Gaheris Rhade~

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16 MB ~ July 2005
MUSIC: "Weapon" by Matthew Good Band
AUTHOR: Jamieson
SPOILERS: Mostly Under the Night, Double Helix, Forced Perspective, Home Fires, and particularly The Unconquerable Man.
I don't think I've experienced as much frustration with my computer than when I attempted this project, it just didn't want to cooperate. But in the end I managed to force its hand. I started developing the idea for this vid in my head while I was in Belize for over a month, with nothing but the music to help, and thus worked up some very high expectations. While I'm not sure it reached all of them, I do think it turned out quite well.
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This video was made for entertainment purposes and not for profit. Video clips are property of Andromeda, Tribune, and affiliates. The order in which these clips were placed, however, does belong to me, please ask before using any and all material for purposes other than personal viewing.

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