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~Stargate Atlantis Videos 1~

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The Siege

9 MB ~ February 2005
MUSIC: Lex's Dream Music (taken from Smallville 4x10 - "Scare")
AUTHOR: Jamieson
SPOILERS: All clips taken from The Siege, Part II (Season One Finale)
I waited all of half an hour after watching this episode before the vid process began, knew I'd been saving that music clip for something. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Welcome to Pegasus

9 MB ~ December 2004
MUSIC: Timecrash (The Fifth Element Soundtrack)
AUTHOR: Jamieson
SPOILERS: Rising I & II, Suspicion, The Defiant One
I've wanted to make this video for awhile now, and finally found the time. Think it turned out rather well.

These videos were made for entertainment purposes and not for profit. Video clips are property of Stargate Atlantis, MGM, and affiliates. The order in which these clips were placed, however, does belong to me, please ask before using any and all material for purposes other than personal viewing.

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