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Version 6.0: Snowy Dream

Name: Houndoom (Or Doom)

Gender: Male

Color: White

Sire: Deceased

Dame: Deceased

Mate: Ky

Pups: Ini, Don and Gem

Pack: Frozen Darkness

Homeland: Frozenia

Position: Delta male

Eye color: Lavender

Element: Light/Ice

Markings: A sun mark adorns his left sholder, a crestant moon on right. On his two right paws rest golden colored flames. Icy-blue flames lay on left paws. His frame is a bit smaller than most males, and is about the size of a large femme. Large tail and slightly over-sized paws.

Mood: Content

Personality: Emotional, stubborn, affectionate, loyal, alert, arrogant around strangers, sometimes cold, short-temper, sometimes happy-go-lucky, serious, paranoid.

Favorite food: Jelly beans n.n
Pages i love:

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Houndoom's lair...

-A male lupe of white hue appears, growling at you. He has a orange sun mark on his left shoulder, a blue crestant moon on the right. On his two left paws he has icy flames, and on the right paws, he has orange, solar flames- Who are you? what do you want?!?!? Oh, i see. -He grins, jumping 'pon a log close to him- You mean no harm. What is your name? Oh, it's #VISITOR. Ok. Let's learn about "me"...

Err, yah, so my name is Houndoom. You may call me Doom if you'd like. And if you have recognized; i am a lupe, a quite strange lupe really. You see, i am a "Horizonian" lupe. Don't know what they are, ehh? I don't know what they are either, so don't bug me 'bout it.

Be fortunate that your owner is who he is, 'cause my owner IS A JINX. He falls over, and says "Fwoosh". He's weird, i tell you, and he even has a Yami called "Yami Eric." Yah, he loves Yu-gi-oh!. Actally, i have to admit; Tristan rocks :D

My home is Frozenia, a land who's beauty has no end. It is an penninsula attatched to the Endless Plains shore, where the Frozen Darkness pack resides. I have made many friends, allies, and accompaniments there.

Well, enough about me, go enjoy my site!
My life:

It 'twas a dark day when i was born; dark. And before you ask, yes, their was an eclipse. I looked up with my two half-blind optics, watching crimson red eyes stare down at me with disgust. I slightly shivered, not knowing what was going on.

"What kind of mutant is this?" The alpha snarled, padding toward me slowly. "He does not belong in this pack." Another added in. "He is a white lupe, not a dark lupe like us." Another replied. The alpha spoke up yet again. "This pup is a sick excuse for my son! How dare you produce such a misfit!" He snapped at my mother. My mother backed away slightly. "It is not my fault i gave birth to such a runt." She sighed, then continued. "To make up for it, i shall have the honour of throwing him in the river." The alpha spoke up yet again. "If you value your life, you make sure you do."

She grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, and carried me to the edge of the river. She heistated, but then dropped me into the swirling waters. As i was swept down the rapids, i saw a bloodstone necklace laying 'pon a rock to the left. I picked it up and put it 'round my neck, but the next rock in front of me knocked me out. Next thing i knew, i was on a street. I watched as these strange things that standed on 2 legs walked back a forth, making all this din. I couldn't stand all this. Trying to find something to hide my ears from the noise, i quickly saw some earmuffs on the road. I put them around my ears, and the voices were quickly muffled.

I wandered the streets for week, finding scraps everywhere i went. Then i came across something called a "Dojo". I entered, seeing old men and young boys training with sticks. What was this place? I walked in, also seeing a few neopets in there. An old man in a fancy robe walked up to me. I shivered slightly, taking off the earmuffs, but he spoke gently. "What's a little pup like you doing alone. You.. want to join us?" I stared at him for the longest time. A Dojo... It sounded cool. I joined and he gave me a Kendo Stick...

Months had past in the Dojo, and it was more strange than i thought. I got good food, a warm bed, and i became strong with all the fighting and training i went through. I even learned how to stand! Everyone in the Dojo was like a family to me, and the Master was like the father i never knew. Anyway, today was the day where i had to defeat the Master in battle, and i was regreting it. You see, the master was very feeble. But i had to do it anyways. I entered the arena of the dojo, and everyone was staring at me. The master stared calmely, and spoke in a firm fashion. "Hit me with your hardest." "But your... old..." I said. "Age does not affect the art of kendo. I can avoid the attack, and, with all that training you have undertaken, i'm sure you can too." He responded. I nodded my head, and stretched my legs, getting ready for my test. In the Dojo, the youngest fighter always attacked first in the practice strikes. I started to run at him, ready to strike. He lifted his stick, firmly ready to parry my attack. Suddenly, i felt a strong push from my back. I had been shoved by someone! I ran faster. Faster. I couldn't stop. To stop myself from slipping on the polished floor, i aimed my sword in a stab position, so i could quickly stab the ground.

I stabbed the master, because i wasn't quick enough.

He was on the ground, dying. He finally spoke his last breath. "It's.... Ok. This is... the... way....... of life." He was dead. There was nothing i could do. I had killed someone. Almost ammidiatly (Is that how you spell it?), the Dojo Second-in-Command spoke extremely harshly. "You killed our master! Out!" He kicked me hard, and i yiped. I ran outside, trying to find a place to hide. I found a box. Suddenly, it started to rain. I shivered in the cold, moist air. What had i done.....?

My eyes suddenly opened later in the day. I had slept through the whole storm. I shaked my body, and water droplets spilt everywhere. "Please don't do that in here." Said a mysterious figure. "You'll put out the fire. And it's still raining, so the firewood outside is too damp to light." I looked at the figure. It was a Lupe. His fur was black and his paws were like leather. "Who are you?" I asked nervously. "I'm Kankoa. I'm the blacksmith of this town. And this black fur i have isn't really black. It's covered in soot." He replied. He seemed very nice and friendly. He was much older than me, as i was only growing out of puppyhood. "What is a *blacksmith*?" I asked again. "A blacksmith is someone who smithes, or makes, weapons and armor. Want to learn how to do it?" He replied yet again. "Yes, yes i do!" I said. I had finally found a new home.

So i learned how to make weapons and armor by myself. I worked for hours with him, selling our supplies and gaining more money. I lived a great life. I even made myself some of my own weapons! I'll explain them in the weapons section.

A few years later, Kankoa was too old, and he died a peaceful death. I sold the shop, and moved on to the Endless Plains outside of the city. With my weapons, of course.

I had finally grown old enough to find a mate on my own. My first love was Lona, a blue lupess. We fell in love with each other, and to show her that i loved her, i gave her a white paint brush. We got married and had 6 pups. Unfortunatly, these dreams never last... -Sighs- We had a fight after being together for 5 months. She never acted like she loved me anymore, and i felt like i was fading away from her. She... -Cries- She left me... because she thought i didn't trust her. My soul... it was broken forever...

The pups decided to stay with me. 2 of the 6 pups were okay with her leaving us. But the other 4... their hearts were broken. They never forgave her for what she did, and they missed her so much... so... they... died... How could she of done this? Her heart betrayed her own blood. I never forgave her for that. Sometimes i wish she was wiped off the face of the earth...

Jr and Don were grown up now, so i could leave them. I met many lupesses and gelertesses, like May, Olivia, Rose and others, like Artemis. But it seemed that only one captured my heart. Her name was Alex, a somewhat large yet beautiful lupess. I loved her, and she loved me back, but she never talked to me... I missed her dearly, but i guess our time was up. I left her. -Cries-

Then i met a Skunk lupess, Dream. I loved her, but then Alex came back, so i went back to her, but then she didn't talk to me AGAIN, so i came back to Dream. But i never felt right with Dream. I left her, and i continued my journey to nothingness...

I was in a forest, when i heard the russle of a bush. Shivers went up my spine, a low growl came from my throat. Out popped a white lupess! We talked, and became friends, and i was starting to fall for her a long way. The next day she asked if she could be my mate. I said yes. She introduced me to her pack, Frozen darkness. I became delta with her, but that was not why i wanted her. I wanted her for her, for i was in love, a love i have never felt before. But then... she broke me... she left me, but came back. I was bitter, but i forgave her, and yet again i became her mate, but then, i broke up and got back together with her many times...

Then the last time i left her, i realized i was wrong. She was the one for me, my destiny. I am now with her for eternity... Ky... you shall never be alone again, my love...

I met many lupes at Frozenia. Stray, Imi, Storm, Wolfy, Silence... ahh yes, it was a perfect place, until... A few months after i had found this happiness, a lovesick ivory lupess padded up to me. Interested in who she was, i quickly looked at her page, finding ME ON HER FRIEND LIST! I was furious. I didn't even know her. I quickly grew a disliking to her, but the next thing's she said to me made me lose my sanity...

"I love you, Doom..." She said one day. "But i already love Ky, Cabodie! Can't you see that?" I replied. My claws were ready for battle. "Don't go with that Male wocky. She's not worth it..." She spoke. "Have puppies with me...." "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT! SHE IS A WHITE LUPESS!" I screamed, chasing after her at a quickening pace. But just as i was about to grab her back with my jaws, she *Magically dodged the blow*. This was going too far, i had to tell Storm, the alpha...

I finally reached the pack grounds, finding that Cabodie had already joined the pack and was confronted by Ky and Storm. I could here insults and growls coming from Cabodie. Then Cabodie foolishly challenged Storm to a match, losing in the process. She padded off and created her own pack on an island nearby. Storm declared war on the pack, and before the war could even start, Cabodie and her alpha, Ty, surrendered. A few months later, i wounded her badly, and was about to kill her, when she jumped off a cliff. Yes, it was a happy day for Frozenia. And guess what? A few days later, Ky had pups! Twins! Ini and Gem. Ini was white with a crestant moon mark on his forehead, while Gem was white with a sun on her forehead.

Worse came to worse, and Cabodie reborned herself yet again (Godmodder.... -_-). The great thing, though, was that one her best friends was Stray's sister, Angel (Who refused to give us any info about MLP). This could allow us to destroy Cabodie guild with ease. Now, if only Angel would listen to us. She didn't, though, so we had to go to drastic measures...

We.... TORTURED HER! -Cackles and shakes head- I know what yer thinking, but not that kind of torture. I mean "Mental torture". We played rounds and rounds of songs on a radio from kiddie cartoons (The majority of them were "Barney is a Dinosaur") 24/7. The din finally made a dent in her mind after a while, and she agreed to join our side without Cabodie knowing...

This was the day. "Cabodie's *doom* day", as we called it. Angel went to MLP and deleted and banned EVERY single member in the guild. The destruction made such an impact on Cabodie, that she deleted her guild. -Dances around- Hehe ^^
Worse came to worse, and we made yet another enemy. It all started like this...

Both of my friends, Wolfy and Storm, were fighting a cocky lupe by the name of Faith. Wolfy stabbed him in the back with his sowrd, and Faith lay there. "You win." Faith said. "Here's a gift for your victory." He backstabbed Wolfy, and they both died. Storm, in mourning, went off to Courgar Canyon for a strange reason (Possibly becoming Chia Protector). While this was all happening, a new member joined our pack. Sef. He was a former chia protector, but became a hunter not too long ago. Starroar (one of my friends) is known as quite a cocky, stubborn lupess, and seeing that Storm might become protector, she blames Sef. While Star was on the verge of killing him, Storm came back (Still a chia hunter). She explained to Star that it wasn't Sef's fault. Did she believe Storm? Nooo.... She still wants him dead as bad as ever. I quickly made enemies with her, since my whole did, too. After a huge catfight between Star, Ositi (A shadow shoyru), Shadow, 108, and Pru verses Brave and Wolfy, the pack realized we need to protector Sef with our lives. Star is being ignorant with what she's doing (Not listening to Storm and all). Could this lead to a bloodier war? Even worse that with Cabodie? Only time will tell.
My pack

Aww yes, my pack... -He smiles- It is called:

Frozen darkness

I will stay loyal to my pack, and i shall never leave it. I will protect the alpha, my pack, and the pups with my life. If you want to join, you MUST be a hunter of neutral.
My take on chia hunting:

It's quite strange really. I used to concider myself a protector. I'd eat chias, but only if i was hungry. I didn't eat chias owned by loving owners, just ones that were wild. I would only eat an injured, sick, or old chia, but i wouldn't eat a healthy chia or a young one, so that the healthy chias can have babies and make the chia race bigger. I shunned lupes who tormented there prey before they killed it. I hated those who hunted chias for the fun of it, and the ones owned by owners. However, i found out, that i wasn't a protector - i was a responsible hunter - one that hunts to live. I have been that way ever since, and i'm happy that way.

Nice people
Chocolate chias ^.^
My sword
My friends
My owner
The moon
The sun


Mean people (Duh XD)
People who think i'm a snob
Chatspeakers (Quicktypers)
Dishonorable chia huggars (Protectors)
Those who torment others on how they look...
My friends and allies:

He used to be my bitter enemy when i was a protector. I dispised him, but now that i'm a hunter, he is one of me best friends ^_^ He's kinda tough on the outside, but once your his friend, he's a really nice guy ^.^

Miron is probably one of my first and bestest friend. Evil killed his parents. Anyway, Miron is a very nice guy, and even though he doesn't hunt chia's much, he is pretty well-liked, in my humble opinion ^.~ When i'm sad, i come to him for comfort. He understands.

This very nice lupess is also the alpha male of my pack! Since her and Ky are best friends, i decided to become her friend too, and well... we all know how that turned out ^.~ -Frolics-

She's a very good friend i've known for a long time. She's had many heartbreaks, but i have supported her the whole time. I hope she finds peace with a nice, good-hearted lupe that won't let down her golden heart...

Yes, another friend! ^^ Actally, me and Wolfy have talked for a while, but we became friends just recently. I love those twin swords ya have =D

Another friend? Wh00t! ^^ Shadow is very nice, yet he hates the goverment o.o; He also has an immature side; he runs around chanting "Macho Man" all day --;

I'm drowning in friends! XD Stray is very nice. Yet i don't understand why everyone, including Cujo- hates him. I'd wish they'd stop fighting and become friends =3

Ahh, yes... the great owner of the almighty Fluffy-puffs -Cough- ._. Yes, i do worship them :D Anyway, Xiao's a great friend. Unfortunatly, his brother's have been the unlucky crushes of Cabodie... -Shudders- e.e

Silence is a great friend and is one of the sparks that make Frozen Darkness great. Her pups are SO kyoot :D

Imi's a good friend too. Currently, she likes Wolfy :3

My good friend Fire. He is my sister's mate. He's a great friend ^^

This is Loop; one of my friends. She calls me "d00d". xD

Brave, i am so sorry i judged you. Your the best friend a lupe could have. Thank you.

I'm sorry 'bout judging you too, Wolfy. After all Stray and you have gone through, i thought you were mean and self-centered, but after Stray became your friend, i realized you are very nice ^^

Hit list:

I still think your an idiot...

You expect me to forgive that easily? Think again; i still hate your guts, you arrogant freak.

Site award:

Have a good site that you think deserves something for it? Well, neomail my owner and if he thinks it is well done, well crafted, and a great site period, he may give this to you:

NOTE!: This is only a sample. The real one i shall give to you in private ^_^ DON'T TAKE THE AWARD IF YOU DIDN'T WIN!
Awards i've won:

Shiny sword...
Fan art (Or art requests/Trades):

I would appreciate it if you sent fan art. I ish love it =D

It's beautiful, Fireshoot! It really captures the spirit of moi. Thanx =D

OH THANK YOU crrazygurlie1234! -Huggles- ^o^

Thanks Ducki! Your talent really shows ^^

-Does the happy dance- Dude... more ART! Thanks!

Q: How old are you?
A: 12. In december i'll be 13 ;D

Q: Will you do me a pic of so-and-so?
A: It depends. Check my user lookup to see is i'm doing requests. If not, wait a little bit.

Q: Will you do me an art trade?
A: The same as the last question.

Q: Can i steal your pics?
A: Sure, be my guest ;D -Cough- That chocolate must be REALLY getting to my brain. You must NEVER EVER STEAL MY PICS OR IDEAS, OR I SHALL CRUSH YOUR PATHETIC LITTLE BONEY HIDE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??!?!??!! REPEAT AFTER ME: DEATH TO PIC STEALERS! XD -Cackles-

Q: Can my pet date Houndoom?
A: NO! He loves Ky =D

Q: Can my pet be Houndoom's friend?
A: Of course! He loves new friends ;D But remember, contact me at least once a week. Houndoom would REALLy like that ;)

Q: Will you do a link trade with me?
A: Sure =D -Frolics-

Q: How did you get those pics on top of the regular neopet pic?
A: -Points to CSShelp's page- Follow the yellow brick road X3

Q: What program do you draw your pics with?
A: Appleworks 6

Q: How did you get the name "Milleniumlink"?
A: Well, i've always loved the Zelda video game series, so i decided to take Link's name and make him "Millenium Link", a futuristic link. At first i used the name as an RP character, but i decided it would be best used as my neopet's username :D
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