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Gene Payne Associates, Inc.
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Gene Payne Associates, Inc. is a Mississippi Corporation (incorporated in 1969) engaged in the wholesale distribution of Heating & Air Conditioning equipment, components, pumping equipment and industrial equipment.


We commit to:

Provide our customers with superior services and products to make it easy and profitable to do business with us.

Provide our manufacturers with superior sales and marketing results.

Provide ourselves with a challenging and rewarding work enviroment that will foster personal and professional growth.

Mission Statement:

Gene Payne Associates, Inc. strives to be recognized as a professional, ethical manufacturer's representative, providing the most economical means of bringing quality hydronic and HVAC products to the market we serve.
Our business activities are guided by principles of honesty, excellence and individual dignity. By insisting upon benefit for customers, suppliers and ourselves, we build business relationships of lasting value to all participants.

Gene Payne Associates, Inc. * P.O. BOX 4858 * Jackson, MS 39296