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Hi this is my physics homework.

Medicine: Sound waves are used when performing ultrasound tests. Ultrasound tests are used on pregnant women to detect
many structural and functional abnormalities in a fetus. Ultrasound may also aid in the detection of heart disease,
tumors, gall stones, and other disorders.

Industry: Ultrasound is used by manufacturers to measure the wall thickness of metal or plastic pipes and to test the
concentration of particles in inks and paints. Sonar devices locate schools of fish, enemy ships, and underwater obstacles
through the use of ultrasound. Geophysicists can use sound in exploring for minerals and petroleum and
also locate possible mineral or oil bearing rock formations.

Science: Scientists have invented whistles and other devices that produce ultrasound. An ultrasonic transducer converts
electric energy into ultrasonic waves. These waves can also be converted into electric energy by transducers. One way to
use the sound wave in science is a sonar wave. A sonar wave uses a sound wave to see how far or deep
something is. This is mainly used for underwater research.