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EQ Windows

To use EQ Windows you need click on this link to download Click Here that should download to your computer. After that just unzip and then open that unzipped folder and click on the program named eqw and that will bring up the program that can start it. When you get there it is all set up for you to get to work just click on the [start eq] button. You can set a custom title to your window such as if I were to 2 box swiftkique and krokk I would name one swift and other krokk. after you get your first one handled just click on the eqw program again and do the same thing and you will have 2 eq programs running. Log on to your 2 account on the corosponding eqwindow and you will then have 2 accounts up and running. To switch from one account to another you have to hit CTRL+ALT+S , to release mouse you must click Ctrl+Alt+R . LASTLY I would suggest useing the old character models otherwise it will be very laggy and turning off all the extra graphics would help with lag. hope this helps