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An early Traylor Howard sighting

I saw Traylor Howard (the cute and spunky gal frieday Natalie Teeger from TV's Monk) on an early episode of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.  Boy, did she look different!  Still cute, but different.

Women often worry about their luster fading with age.  In Traylor's case though, I think she grew to be cuter and more appealing as time went on.  She looked nice enough in these pics, but I much prefer her in Monk.

It helps that her Natalie Teeger character is sweet, intelligent, sympathetic and nurturing. She just seems like the kind of person who would be nice to have around.  I tell you, the right kind of personality can definitely make a woman look much more appealing.

And yes, she is very likable indeed as Natalie Teeger.  She is now one of my favorite things about the show.

The character of Natalie was written in to replace Bitty Shram's character, Sharona, when Bitty left over a contract dispute.  Some viewers responded adversely; however, I think that Natalie lends more to the show.  Sharona was sassier and had a more distinct personality; however, she was also brassy and intolerant of monk's quirks.  While this lent itself to more comedy, it also grew to be old.

Moreover, it's not what Adrian Monk needs at this stage in his life.  I like how Natalie is there to support her without being overly indulgent of his neuroses.

Yeah, Natalie was a great improvement.  It's good to have her on board.



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