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Mr. Nice Guy with Mike McDonald and Jan Smithers

Jan Smithers movie

From the VHS tape cover:.

Mr. Nice Guy is an action-packed journey through the lighthearted world of the professional assasin--laced with hilarious romance, off-beat comedy and, of course, murder!

Times have changed and assassins have become legitimate. This is the story of one such assassin and his rise to the top of his profession. From his lowly job as security guard for Reemers Bargain Emporium, through the ranks of Lazar Fish's killer-for-hire agency, and finally to the lofty heights of national celebrity. But the road is not an easy one for Kurt (Mister Nice Guy) Murdoch.

Along the way, Murdoch falls in love with curvaceous Dr. Lisa Rayon, has run-ins with notorious Mafia Don, Mr. Romano, gets involved in a fight for a bigger market share of the kill industry, and must use some wild "termination" methods just to survive.

Misadventures abound and heads will roll, literally, in the uproarious conclusion of MR. NICE GUY--where nice guys don't finish last... they just eliminate mall the competition!


Despite the aforementioned hype, this movie was bland and unmemorable. As someone once said on a WKRP message board said, "I own that movie- just because of Jan (Smithers). There is no real reason to have it other than that." The movie is simply dull, and nothing much stands out about it. Even Jan Smithers, arguably the biggest name in this movie at the time, didn't really stand out, not having much material to work with.

Which raises another point. The front cover of the VHS tape lists the credits as "Starring Mike McDonald ('Oddballs'), Jan Smithers, Joe Silver ('The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz')." Huh? McDonald and Silver get credited for obscure movies that few people would remember, while absolutely no mention is made of Jan Smithers' role on the groundbreaking WKRP in Cincinnati?

speaking of Jan... the previously quoted blurb described her as "curvaceous Dr. Lisa Rayon." Now, I'm sure that most faithful male WKRP viewers noticed that Jan didn't lack for feminine curves, but those attributes were hardly evident in this movie. In fact, the flick did little to highlight Jan's feminine wiles at all (as evidenced by her moderately appealing hairdo in this flick -- a far cry from her long locks on WKRP). This type of hype sounds like a desperate attempt to draw in viewers.

All in all, an eminently forgettable film.


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