Lilja 4-ever (2002)
Front Cover Actor
Oksana Akinshina Lilja
Artyom Bogucharsky Volodya
Lyubov Agapova Lilja's Mother
Liliya Shinkaryova Aunt Anna
Elina Benenson Natasha
Pavel Ponomaryov Andrei
Tomasz Neuman Witek (as Tomas Neumann)
Anastasiya Bedredinova Neighbor
Tõnu Kark Sergei
Nikolai Bentsler Natasha's Boyfriend
Movie Details
Genre Drama; Foreign Film
Director Lukas Moodysson
Writer Lukas Moodysson
Language Russian
Audience Rating R
Running Time 109 mins
Country Sweden
Color Color
The story of a teenaged girl living in a run-down housing project "somewhere in the former Soviet Union," who endures a series of betrayals that can only be described as Machiavellian in their cruelty, Lilya 4-Ever is a stunning tale of a fallen angel on a road to hell with no redemption.

Written and directed by talented Swedish filmmaker Lukas Moodysson (Together, Fucking Amal), Lilya 4-Ever is an unflinching account of a smart, pretty young girl who, instead of triumphing over her life's obstacles as a lesser film would indeed suggest, dives headfirst into her unfortunate circumstances with an optimism that's crushed and deadened to a terrifying degree before she hits rock bottom, hopeless and alone.

At sixteen, Lilya (Oksana Akinshina) is a carefree teenager living in a low-income housing project with her mother and her mother's boyfriend, ready to embark for America and a new life as a family. But mother has different ideas, and soon Lilya has been abandoned (in a devastating scene) and finds herself turned out of her home and dumped into a filthy substitute flat. When mother's promises of letters and money turn up empty, Lilya' situation becomes increasingly desperate. At first she tries to make do, behaving like a normal teenager carrying on with all-night parties in the absence of parents.

But when best friend Natasha (Elina Beninson) turns a trick and then pins the deed on innocent Lilya, she finds herself turned out of her community and without a dollar or a friend. Her only companion is eleven-year-old Volodya (a wise Artiom Bogucharskij), a troubled kid she takes under her wing and the two form a sad surrogate brother and sister relationship, roaming around their abandoned wasteland home, sniffing glue and daydreaming about a better life.
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Format Divx
Region Divx
Release Date 2004
Subtitles English
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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