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GosuRori's Lemon Meringue Hair!

Welcome to GosuRori's Lemon Merengue Hair! Enter a world of sexy butlers in chaps, Robert in a sound-proof booth, and beautiful Lolita's doing your hair. If you are an old lady with yellowed talons, we have a special section of the salon just for you! Here you can get your talons trimmed while listening to scary celtic music and sipping Monkey tea!

Our special Robert sound proof booth features a spinning stage with disco lights, for all you fag hags out there, with a continious look of "Barbie Girl" in the background.

If it's dreads your after, we have a pretty wench in a corset to give you those.

Our front desk features a special "Mommy" to book your appointments and look glamourous while blabbing on her own special Robert intercom so they can chat even while he is locked securely in his sound-proof booth.

Paisley Barberella does hair colour - but only interesting colours! If you want something boreing, go to a different salon!

Finally, the Cherub runs the Botique, selling various goods from LITTLE OLD LADY PHASE, including hats, bags, petticoats, and hair falls.

We hope you enjoy your visit to GosuRori's. Come back soon!