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Welcome To Custom Computerz

Welcome to Custom Computerz! This site is currently under construction, but you can read about our future services and abilities to help service your computer needs and problems. Computers are more complex now a days and more people are becoming confused about what computers are supposed to do for them. Problems do arise from time to time in any computer system. That Dell you bought 3 years ago still runs fine, just a lot slower that it used to. There is a solution for that and many other problems that computer users face everyday of the year. Now, not everything can be solved without replacing some worn parts. Fans use ball-bearing and those wear down after a few years. CPUs begin to take longer in thier processing as "heat-wear" begins to take it's toll. Disk Drives fail and power supplies stop working. A good analogy for this is think of your computer as a car. Electricity is the gasoline for a computer. The CPU is the cylinders of your engine. The Hard Drive is the Intake/Exaust of your system. Your video display and monitor are your mufflers. Your keyboard and mouse are the steering wheel and accelerator/brake. And your power button on the front is your ignition. You take your car to a qualified mechanic when it's not working properly, because you want it done correctly the first time, and not lose a limb over the repairs. Why not do the same for you computer. It has served you well and it should deserve some of the same treatment as your cars. Regular cleaning and maintenence, a tune-up every so often. And replacing parts as needed to keep it in top-condition. Consider Custom Computerz your qualified mechanic for your computer system needs. THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!


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