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"Welcome to the pit of penultimate darkness. It would seem someone has opened a pit slightly darker than this one."
-The Kids in the Hall

Recent News & Updates

January 6, 2005
Happy new year, all. I apologize for the lack of recent updates. The 'MotW articles for the past two weeks are now posted, and I hope to have a new 'mech design or two up soon as well.

December 26, 2004
Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Holiday preperations and celebrations prevented me from getting the new 'MotW, covering the Javelin archived until today, but it is up now.

December 18, 2004
The 'MotW covering the Striker assault 'mech is up.

Meanwhile, I'm putting the finishing touches on my first, inevitably-doomed-to-be-rejected Battlecorps submission and thinking evil thoughts toward Epson over my piece of monkey crap all-in-one printer.

December 12, 2004
Latest. 'MotW post. EVER.

December 2, 2004
JadeHellbringer filled in for me on 'MotW this week, delivering an excellent piece on the infamous Dire Wolf/Daishi Clan assault OmniMech. His analysis is now posted in the Articles section.

November 27, 2004
Even later than usual in updating this week, what with the holiday and a nagging cold. Anyway: The new 'MotW (covering the Goliath quad assault 'mech) and a new custom 'mech design (a FWL Stalker with all the latest bells and whistles) have been added to the site.

In the way of news, I'm happy to say that in the near future this site will be moving to private web space owned by my message board comrades Albatross and General308. No more of those nassssty advertisementses for us, Precious, no...

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