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You and your partner will have two separate jobs.  One of you will be the RECORDER and the other will be the RESEARCHER.  Here are a list of your duties...

Group Roles

The Recorder: 

Write down all of the information from the web
Read the information on the web site and take notes
Check spelling
Neatness on the final project (the brochure or poster)
Grammar/sentence structure
Discuss the information with the researcher

The Researcher:

Use the RESOURCE PAGE on the web quest to find information
Search the web on your own
Collaborate information with the recorder
Aid in the formation of the final project

After:  You and your partner will be responsible for:

Sharing materials
Share ideas
Encourage each other
Reach a consensus

The group will be responsible for:

Creating power point presentation
Create a brochure to share to the class
Include pictures, color, creativity, and all of the research outlined on the next page, the Process Page.

Remember:  TEAMWORK is very important.  Work together and share ideas as often as possible!

Goals and Objectives:

    Upon completion of this exercise students will:

Learn about a different culture.
Be able to use the web as a way to find information.
Learn how to work in a group.
Use the French language more.
Know about famous people and monuments in the French speaking world.


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