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The best thing to do is to search the web on your own.  A good idea is to look at tourist information on the web or look up the country itself.  You may also want to try some of the following web sites I have searched out for you.

Remember that some of my web sites may contain general information.  They may help you find other links that you can use in your search.

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Martinique    Guadeloupe  Tahiti

France  Belgium  Monaco




Traveling Information

  France Resources                     General Travel Information

  Hotel Information                      General Hotel Information

  Airfare                                      General Airfare Information

Places to Visit:

The Eiffel Tower                                                          

The Louvre                                                                                                               

The Musee d'Orsy

The Pompidou

Les Champs-Elysees




Map of France

Beach Resorts



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