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heeeeeeeeey!!I am Carly (a.k.a. CarlAy/Carlsberg/Carlingon/Curley Wurley/Sid/Pod/Slank) And i am so so incredibly bored that i decided to make one of these crappy website things. I can't remember a lot of HTML...darnnnn!!! If only my computer neRd, Hayley was here. Well lets do a bit of ye ol' baclground info just so you know what this webisite is going to be all aboot...well basically just about moi and my chuMs and the GeeK BrigaDe and Guns n roses's =D =D..ANYWAY yes i hope you like this urm.. "website"... haha

SmileBeHappy my chUms! =D

What other pages i randomly put on..

My Best chUms =D