X-te: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 18:50:16 +1100 Attached are pictures of the end result
of a shotfirer's truck that exploded as the driver was opening the gates to
the explosive compound. The truck had been driven from the shot where the
rest of the product was used back to the magazines, approximately a 10
minute trip. The truck contained 3 cardboard boxes of boosters with 40
boosters/per box, the boxes were in a fibreglass container sitting on a
wooden decking. Opposite the boosters in another box was 23 detonators. The
only material on the back of the truck was some plastic signs and witches
hats. The driver had switched the truck off prior to opening the gates. The
impact of the explosion has moved the truck 7 metres forward into the
compound. The investigation at this stage indicates that the diesel fuel
tank on the truck is still intact and so is the battery. The driver
sustained minor cuts, a laceration to his right leg and a perforated ear
drum, no serious bodily injuries. The matter is being investigated as an
unplanned movement. The boosters being used were manufactured on 14 January
2003, only 3 weeks ago. If the boosters are found to be the cause the
implications are Australia wide.








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