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1970 Buick Skylark GS 455 Convertible


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This is what it started out as. This is just the beginning of our journey home from Lake Placid, NY. We bought the car and enough parts to start the restoration of the car. What makes this car so special is that there were only 1,040 of these made. Today I would bet there are only about 50 left in the United States are in mint condition. The right picture is what our finished product looks like. It only took 9 months to complete.


In this pictures above, (Buick Dealer in Baltimore, MD) our car is on its way to taking a first place for the class.

Here are some of the awards this car has taken at some of the shows it has been too:

2 Concourse Gold's at the GS Nationals and the Buick Nationals

Senior Award & Junior Award at Fall Hershey

National Award from the AACA

Buick Club of America Gold and Senior Awards July 2000

Numerous other 1st Place Trophies


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