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I manaaged to get all the vehicles on Sidewinder onto the center section. The area where the two tunnels lead up to. Which has a third tunnel with two pistols that connect the landings.The hardest part about doing this is getting the tanks up there. Anyone can get the Warthogs or Ghost there by just driving normal up there through the tunnels. However the tanks do not fit in the tunnels. In order to get the tanks up there you must use the path near the blue base to scale teh cliff. Unfortunatly it isnt an easy thing to do unless you a great driver. You could however get up from the Red side but that requires two tanks. One to push while the other climbs. But that leave one tank that wouldnt be able to get up. The trick however to driving up the "stair area" of the cliffs on the blue base is to do it backward. ANd for anyone that can use XBCONNECT i will show them in person if they so ask. Try it for yourselves if you want cause its fun to use the tank when your above the main playing area and can shoot down upon them... LOL.