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Removing Your Existing Stock Seats

Start with your driver side first and locate the four bolts that hold the seat in, two up front and two in back. Starting with the rear two bolts remove the plastic covers over them and remove the bolts. Be sure to recline the chair so it is in an upright position and the weight is evenly distributed, so when you remove the front bolts of the seat it won't fall on top of you causing injury.

After removing the front two bolts, gently lean the whole chair onto it's back and undo all of the remaining connections to it by locating the seat belt wire attached to the female end of the seat belt socket (clip). You will also want to undo any electrical wires that were connected to the original stock seat. The most convient way to remove the seats is to roll it onto its side so it makes an "L" and swing the seat out following with the back of the chair until it is completely out of the car.

With the seat out of the car, look on the side where the seat belt receiver is. There is a plastic cover that you'll need to remove with a phillips screw driver, with one screw in front and one in back. With it removed, you'll see a bolt attaching the seatbelt to the seat. Remove this bolt (it's very long so keep twisting) Now that you have the bolt off, put the plastic part back on using your phillips screw driver.

Installing Your New Aftermarket Racing Seats

Assemble your seat brackets and sliders if they did not already come assembled. The pieces are made to face in a specific direction so don't install them backwards. Remember seat sliders have to face forward for your seat to move.

The aftermarket seat bracket will have holes for the seat belt receiver, so screw it in.You may need to remove some of the thick spacers so the seat will fit into your car, but do not remove them if you have room for them.

Attach the aftermarket bracket to your race seat before placing it into the car. Test fit and see if you like the height of the seat, adjust accordingly if you can. Don't be surprised if your new seat brackets that you ordered for your race seat do not fit the existing holes. This is very common because these seats are made to fit several makes of vehicles and not specifically to any one kind. Just make new ones after the test fitting.

If you have a race harness (4 or 5 Point harness) now is the best time to attach the belts.

Not every bracket is made the same. Attach the front bolts in loosely, then try to put in the rears. Use a hammer if you have to so the bracket holes will line up. Just be safe about it and don't damage the bracket.

Securely tighten all of the bolts to the car. If they are loose, you could cause severe injury or even death to yourself. If you installed sliders and you can not slide the seat freely, check how you assembled it and reinstall it.

If you did a good job, do the same for the passenger side. If not, hire help!


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