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Custom Made Bodykits
Creating your own unique bodykit will set your car apart from anything else on the road.  Best of all, you can choose to be as extreme or mild with your design as you choose!

The entire process is much simpler than most people would imagine and can save you a lot of money.  We highly recommend working in an area with a high level of ventilation and always using a mask and goggles when working with fiberglass or sanding.
Disclaimer - We take no responisbility for the actions you choose to take when modifying your vehicle.  We highly recommmend having an experienced mechanic or bodyshop complete mods like this if you are not confident in your skills.
Creating and Installation of Custom Kit
Step 1 - Draw out a good schematic of what you would like from your bodykit.  If you are more experienced you could even do a nice Photoshop or graphics job!
Step 2 - After you have achieved your desired design.  Simply purchase a large block of foam as the one pictured below.  Simply place the block against your vehicle and cut out the desired shape.  We used an 80 grit sandpaper to shape the majority of the areas of foam.

Step 3 - Use your imagination and try to create a design that will flow with the general lines of your vehicle.  Also be sure to have both sides equivalent to each other by checking them over frequently.
Step 4 - The design is finished!  We simply used two other pieces of foam underneath to hold the template in place.
Step 5 - The next step will be to apply the fiberglass on top of the foam.  Before covering the foam, use "water based" contact glue and aluminum foil to cover the foam.  This will prevent the fiberglass from destroying your design.  The contact glue is used to stick the aluminum foil onto the foam.  Then you may apply the fiberglass and resin to your design without any worries.  You will need at least 3 coats of fiberglass.  Once it has all dried, apply putty onto the entire shape to solidify the design.
Step 6 - Finally before you attempt to paint the pieces you will need to finely sand the entire piece to a smooth finish.  Start out using 400 grit sandpaper and work your way to a 1000 grit wet sanding paper.  If you find any holes or scratches you may also choose to fill these in with a fine scratch filling putty.
Step 7 - Now you will have to wait until each piece is completely dry.  When it is you may apply your primer.  We suggest using a good base/clearcoat to give your pieces a factory like finish.  If you are not an experienced painter you may choose to have the pieces painted by a professional at a local bodyshop.  In most cases they can install the pieces for you as well.
Finished Product


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