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Aftermarket Pedals Install

Installing a good set of aftermaret performance pedals in your car is an extremely easy to increase the interior appeal of the car while also giving you a much better pedal feel. The Momo pedals such as the ones shown here are available in hundreds of styles and color patterns and will give you a much better grip that your stock pedals will.

Because the installation process is extremely simple we are not including install pictures with these instructions. All you will need for the install is about 15 minutes and a standard screwdriver.
Pedal Installation

To begin make sure you have the pedals ready to be installed.

To get started simply start by removing the pedals from their packaging. Next, simply find the correct screwdriver for your application. Normally the pedals have a standard star headed screw.

Once you have the new pedals ready to go you will start witht the removal of of the rubber pedal overlays that come standard on most car models. Most of the time you can simply remove these rubber covers by pulling them off the pedal. In some cases you may need to remove the odd screw to be able to remove them.

With the old rubber covers off now we highly recommend giving the general pedals a good cleaning to make sure you have a solid install with no pieces of dirt in between the pedals.

Next simply fit each new pedal cover to the correct pedal and screw in place with the provided screws. In some cases you may need to drill the install holes with a standard metal drill bit. This process should only take a few minutes to complete. Once finished simply install the new covers and tighten down to a snug fit!

Thats it! We told you it was easy! Enjoy your new pedals!

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