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Carbon Fiber Dash Install

Installing carbon fiber dash covers on your import or domestic car will give it a nice sporty look. If you would like you may also choose to install a wood trim kit instead of the carbon fiber trim.

Installation of the kits are very easy and usually come with full instructions.

Because the installation process is extremely simple we are not including install pictures with these instructions. All you will need for the install is about an hour of time and some standard tools.
Carbon Fiber Dash Install Procedure

To begin make sure you have all the necessary carbon fiber pieces laid out and ready to install.

The first step is to thoroughly clean all dash surfaces where the carbon fiber overlay will be installed. This is probably one of the more important steps so make sure you remove any dirt or grime that may be on your dash surface.

Once the above mentioned areas have been cleaned and dried the next step is to place each carbon fiber piece over the install area and check to make sure each piece aligns properly. Once you are sure that all of your pieces are aligning properly you may begin installing them over your dash trim.

When installing you may be required to hold a heat gun or hair dryer over the pieces so they can form to your dashes curves properly. Be sure not to overheat them as then could stretch and potentially be ruined by to much heat.

A great tip during this install: If the pieces of dash can easily be removed it is much easier install process applying the carbon fiber overlays to dash pieces that have already been removed. Also you will get a much cleaner look this way.

Once eash piece is installed let them all dry for about half an hour before attempting to re-install the dash pieces. After they are all in place check to make sure that each piece of carbon fiber trim is properly sealed and there are no edges that are beginning to lift from the dash surface.

Finally, with a dry cloth simply rub over each trim piece to ensure a flawless finish and seal.

Thats it! Enjoy your new carbon fiber or wood dash trim!



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