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Window Tinting Instructions

Tinting your windows is a great way to give your vehicle a nice clean look while also giving you more privacy and protection from the sun.

Installing the tinted windows is fairly straightforward and can usually be completed within just a few hours. Be sure to thoroughly clean all window surfaces that you wish to tint. This is an extremely important step as dirt or debree will be trapped beneath the tint.

These instructions outline the general process of installing an aftermarket steering wheel on just about every Import or Domestic Car. There may be slight variations on your install.
Step-by-Step Instructions
After getting rid of the front wheel cover and removing the center nut, you will need a sturdy puller to remove the wheel. The wheel's hub has a splined interface that was press fitted (and believe me they used pressure!) on the steering column. Do not use a hammer as the column will collapse (Safety feature in case of a car accident)!

Items needed to start:

1. 70% water / 30% alcohol solution for cleaning.

2. Application solution made up of 15 drops of Johnson's Baby Shampoo to one pint of water.

3. Low lint paper towels.

4. Yellow Squeegee 3.5" or 5.5"

5. Olfa cutter knife.



#1 Spray the outside of the driver and passenger glass, and wipe clean

#2 Spray the solution on the glass

#3 Carefully remove the tint

#4 Place the tint marked driver 
on the outside of the glass

#5 Spray the window with solution

#6 Gently scrub with pad


#7 Squeegee the window with overlapping stokes & re-spray with solution


#8 Carefully peel off liner making sure film stays on the glass

#9 Slowly peel back, (spray the film while peeling)

#11 Pull the liner down evenly until you are 2" from bottom edge

#12 Make sure your hands and fingers are clean, before touching the film dip water

#13 Remove film and liner from outside of glass, be careful not to let the liner come off the film the rest of the way

#14 Place tint on the glass 1/16" from the edge on the top of the glass

#15 Spray solution on tint and squeegee water from tint starting at the top and working toward the edge. Work halfway down, wrap paper towel around squeegee and squeegee top edge pushing upward to absorb water (as shown in figure #23)


#16 Roll window all the way up


#17 Wet tint and flip up liner as shown

#18 Spray bottom edge thoroughly

#19 Place gasket tool between rubber and glass

#20 Remove the rest of the liner

#21 Squeegee water toward the bottom pulling back on the gasket as you go

#22 Spray window again and squeegee the entire window again, starting at the top working down and toward the sides (do not roll window down, start as high on glass as possible)

Repeat steps 1-23 for each window. 

#23 Wrap towel around squeegee, push down toward bottom to soak up solution being pushed from under tint


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