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On-Line with Artificial Intelligence

Examination of AI

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Artificial Intelligent programs are constantly evolving. It may not be long before Stephen Spielberg's film AI: Artificial Intelligence becomes reality. How do people handle AI? What does one do when exposed to an artificially intelligent program or machine? Have we already begun connecting to the machine (computer/video games)? Are we cyborgs, yet?

Video Clip from the film A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. This scene is an example of how people connect or react to machines. The mother is obviously upset at her own reaction to seeing a machine as being so "real"--it is frightening, amazing, and there are simply not enough words to describe this moment.

Is it right to make these connections to a machine? How does a machine that takes on human nature and/or form make a person react? What is that reaction? How would you react?

Although Artificial Intelligence is a technological advantage and achievement, it is also a tool of discontent.
Revelations of a Revolution:
* Human extermination as a possible result to technological advances and machine intelligence. Today, this fear is commonly recognized through the use of film, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Terminator, and The Matrix.

* Destruction of Nature and Technological War in every day life.
There is no more nature, There is only Technology ~NAQOYQATSI (Life as War)