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Torey's Page

SHOUT OUTS TO MY BUDDIES!Megan- Hey chick, your the bomb! Stay that way!Love ya like a sis. Forever and always! Christina- Hey chick! You are the best! Your always there thanks when I need a shoulder! Just don't deliver anymore bad news to me please! When you need me...pick up the phone and give me a call.Mandy- Your my other sis! I love ya to death. Like you wrote in my yearbook. Don't commit flagacide!Amanda- Your a cool chick to be around. Stay that way!Erin- Your my sis and all, but hey you are one awesome chick to hang with!Tara- Thanks being there! Your always there with a providing shoulder when I need one! Thanks!Jason- You are a awesome friend. Especially when it comes to when I really need a buddy to just talk to. I'm happy when I have fiends like you. Vinnie-Your one crazy guy! Calling me on your cell phone from Oregon, makes me feel pretty special!:)Bob- What to say about you? Other than that you can be pretty weird sometimes!Matt B.- Stop having Christina do your dirty work for you! LOL!Jessi B. - Your cool to be around. Don't change!Kurt-Hey buddy. You are a great friend. Stay that way! Ever need me, drop me a line!Chris-Your pretty cool to talk to!Stay that way! Hope you and your girl stay together for awhile, you seem pretty happy with her!Laura-Your a awesome person! Your always willing to step in there and help someone out! So I hope you stay that way! These are all great friends! They are all always there for me. And never let me down. And if they do. They always jump back in there and fix the problem! I'm so lucky to have the friends I do. I love them all like bro's or sis's. SOME INFO ABOUT ME! My name is Torey. I am a very active person. I am in the Marching Band(I twirl the flags, flag corps), I play Tennis, I'm active in the Ross County Junior Deputies, I am in the concert band and play percussion. I ride horses, currently working on learning to team rope. I am in the National Junior Honor Society. I dunno what else to say about me! Not to much! lol.


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