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My Family

left: My brother Noel. He loves Baseball. Middle: Uncle Joe, he is a firefighter. Right: Cousin Channing, we were at a museum in CO.

left: My family at Easter in 2002. (L to R top row: Mike, Kathy, Sep. Bottom row: Noel, Elisha (me) and Brock.
right: Elisha and two of her brothers in 2001(L to R: Me, Noel and Brock.)

left: My brother Brock and my cousin Haley in Colorado, July of 1998.
Right: My cousin Jessica and I, Christmas 2000.

left: My cousin Logan jumping on my uncle Joe, Christmas 2003.
Middle: My brother Noel and I waiting for Christmas (2003) Dinner!
Right: My brother Sep showing off his "Late Show" shirt that I got him for Christmas 2003!

Left: Our trip to Spirit Lake, ID in memory of Nic Balinski. We are walking up the main road, Noel, Sep, Robert and Martie (aunt and uncle).
Middle: Traditional famliy pic for Christmas 2003.
Right: This is my Grandmother, Catherine, or "Grandma G".

Left: This is my dad at the Memorial Day picnic 2003, with family friend, Jay. Right: This is my cousin Grace (2003) at the same picnic.

Left: My cousin Julie (2003).
Right: Noel playing baseball, he is the one throwing the ball.

Left: This is Noel eating a hotdog in 2003 =)
Middle: These kids are my cousins and brothers (Brock, Channing, Noel & Haley) in 1998.
Right: Sep and I @ his graduation (Class of 2002, Gonzaga Prep).