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Well, I must say that this has been one of the most incredible experiences for me! The theme this year was Globablisation and Tradition: Two Roads Diverged?  While this may seem boring to the average person, I can assure you that the experience itself will make up for the lack of knowledge, but I can also say that you will not leave without learning something. The lectures itself were not as its name suggests, but rather platforms on which world-renowned speakers shared their views on various topics, allowing each individual to form opinion never previously considered.

Ok, now for the fun part....Endless recreational activities...there's always cards if you're not the sporty type but sadly, no all fours :( Anyway, the guys were gorgeous, if you're an international student you are guaranteed extra attention than the average American! I guess the best part of it all was the formation of friendships that you never thought could have been possible. Personally, I NEVER thought I would have been able to sit in a discussion group and actually agree with certain opinions of Americans and other international students, but I must say that my hope for global peace has been restored!

Being an international student, my schedule was indeed more hectic than most students...preparing for the Talent Show (we performed Soca Jhooma and a tassa mix), the International Display and as I was chosen, representing the International Panel Discussion. And yes, I must admit, I do wish I could go back next year, but I don't think the Rotary Club would be willing to sponsor the same person twice.....unfortunately.

Let's see, some negatives, the dorm beds are really small, but my roommate Missy was really nice!! There are public bathrooms, unfortunately, but you get accustomed to it, or you can choose to change in at the pool facilities.  OH, major trauma....our flights got delayed and we didn't reach to our connecting airport in New Jersey until 18 hours after we left Trinidad! Positive: They put us up at the Marriott's in NJ which was sooooo good! Big up to Room Service...sorry for the inconvenience at 2 am! lol

I guess my experience would have never been the same without Christine Francis (aka Chunksy, Shaquana, Bubbles) and Johanda Clarke (aka Pusoongi, LaToya, Buttercup)  ...luckily we were able to bond from the beginning, even if we didn't we would have been forced to either during the long hours on the plane or stuck at the airport! Nevertheless, like Jo said, I never thought I could find two other persons so like myself! So to them I say, "Mufasa! I concur....less! Trekking! Steups! K.M.C.A.! Awww hell no!!!! Hold mih weave! Do they know who we are??? I'm gonna call Daddy BAS/Daddy Patrick!!!!!" (sorry, personal jokes!) 

I have a few pics posted below...there are lots more but unfortunately I didn't have a digital camera at the time, so what you see is what I received from other people.

However, I do urge other to enter next year's essay competition to win that all-expenses paid trip to 30th Annual World Affairs Seminar 2006 in Wisconsin. The theme will be, "Global Leadership, Rising Powers: Who Counts?" For more info, check out 

 - from the mind of Candice (aka Pulwatee, Blossom, Laquisha)


Christine, Me and Johanda before the Talent Show 


Jo, Me, Andrea (US), Chrissy and Alexandra(Venezuela) coming from the Pool. The Puerto Ricans were having a mini-party outside the dorms!

Christine, Jo and I onstage at the start of our performance

I have this PERFECT picture of Christine taking a nap on the plane, but I know if I put it here she would kill me! hehehe! I think I should get her permission first! 


  • Alexandra ("Miss Venezuela"), I can still actually hear your accent when I think of it. You are one of the nicest ppl I met there, who knew that the girl I thought was bad-talking us would be the first friend we made up there??!!??!! See u for Carnival!

  • Tanja! - Geez, I absolutely LOVE that Cayman accent, even if you're telling me how crazy I am! And remember, I have to call ur mother about that vulgar behaviour eh! 

  • Dolnozza - Well I have to admit this is the first time I've ever heard of the country Uzbekistan! 

  • Missy - you are the nicest (albeit the only one i ever had) roomate ever! You never even fussed when I came in late and woke you up!

  • Andrea - wassup coolie??? You are the first American I came across who absolutely loved when I made a mockery out of Americans and thought it to be "funny" and "cool."

  • The Basement Bitches!!! - Never have I eaten so much pizza in my life without getting sick or watching so much episodes of Elimidate! Keep working on the "tremble" and the "wining." Thanks for teaching us the Wisconsin way of doing things!

  • Discussion Group 'D' - it was really fun "discussing" with you guys. There's were definitely some arguments but our position paper didn't turn out too bad considering! 

  • Paolo - you poor thing! Had half the girls going crazy for you! But you are the sweetest Italian I have ever met (and the hottest)! See you for World Cup Germany 2006 (yeah right!)

  • Gary - hmmm, maybe I should let Christine do this ;) 

  • The Brazilians - Ed, you are crazy (and sweet)! Rafael, you are hot!

  • Brendan - don't ever cut your hair!! You won't look as hot without it!  Keep that YMCA going ;)

  • Kyle and Crew - thanks for the "experience" at "the lodge." you guys are crazy! 

  • "The Terrorist" - you ask too many questions! Give it up! "Show us your boobs!" (that one was for the Basement Bitches)

  • To everyone else, our friends from the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Turkey, Canada, America and all the other countries I've failed to mention, it's been real!