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Thanks to all my classmates who came and made that night fun, considering it was a Form 6 affair. To those who didn't, you really missed out...especially on the food! (and cheesecake!) Oh, to the teachers, thanks to those who came (Mrs. Pollonais, Mrs. Amow, Mrs. Darmanie and Ms. Rodrigues), you looked great, especially Mrs. Darmanie :) (hehehehe!)

If anyone is interested in getting a copy of my Valedictory speech, email me and I'll send it to you.

Here are some pics from that night:

YeYes, that's me at home. (it's not coming out clear for some reason. My face looks contorted!)

Monique, Davita, Me and Delesse              

   Me, caught unawares by Sonia (wait, i'll get her back in a while!)

Delesse, Monz, PatriceJ, Ava, Davi and me

Nicole, Giselle, Delesse and Kendra not paying att'n!

Sonia! - "I think I need to go to the bathroom!"

Ava - "MMM! this food is soooo good!"

Danielle and her signature sexy pose! Stella in the background, sipping on her Pina Colada!

Stella - "I hope Mrs. Darmanie didn't see that bite of cheesecake I sneaked from her!"


Mrs. Amow (my GP teacher and form mistress) and Ms. Rodrigues.

And I saved the best for last.....

MRS. DARMANIE! (my Lit teacher) smiling, something you won't see often in her pictures!


Ms. Ragoonath - Wish you had been there!