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Group Two
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Shawn Blauw's Blog
Friday, 2 December 2005
Chateau BigWhite
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: blink 182 rage!
Well hi Axe,Mark,Jordan and Mat! Sorry for the break! Lot's has happen, lets start with the lost of my best friend Alexs who is still in Banff while I move onto Kelowna for the winter, What a beautiful man... This guys no how to party with the best of them. His right wing, no other the man him self Markie mark! The two Nice's guys in Canada and the world indeed. Sadly mist but not forgotten and will remain best friend for ever. Now what have I been up to, well after moving form Banff to BigWhite for the ski session. I'm now working at the Chateau BigWhite Hotel as a bellman / houseman not as good as the Rimrock aka (Welcome to the Rimrock) but the skiing is fantastic. Snow boarding now and getting very good I must say! but sadly hurt my knee on a jump yesterday and has put me out of snow boarding for 1 week... FUCKER... Back to Banff for a little more on the week of Halloween and once again my best friend Alex helped making it a great night in dressing up us as chip'n dale and making us the most beautiful men in Banff. Well done Alex you are the man! Well thats it for now and I promise to keep in touch with all, Take care for now and will write again soon. Love ya all... Shawn.

Posted by me5/shawnblauw at 3:12 AM WAT
Updated: Friday, 2 December 2005 3:48 AM WAT
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Saturday, 29 October 2005
Now Playing: don't no
Hello All,

Well it's Saturday afternoon and I'm tired from being on graves. Working graves has been fun though playing with the laptop and down loading music and watching dvd.

This weekend should be a real blast Halloween is coming and the bellman are dressing up as the chip'n'dale...can't wait we will rock the town of Banff.

Got the ride back yesterday afternoon and it's going so much better, took it to canmore today for a spin! not to bad? still running a little rich but heap better then what is was.

Alex is going to help me down size the photo for you to all see and then I'll no how to paste the photo myself.

Take care all and peace out!

Posted by me5/shawnblauw at 11:54 PM GMT
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Tuesday, 25 October 2005
Sunday's trouble
Mood:  incredulous
Now Playing: no music at work
It began on Sunday night at work, I was the door man when the boys were going out down to the rose and crown. We were going to met for a cheeky one when we nearly destroyed the word cheeky!

It started at Tommy's, not really in the mood for drinking plus the atmosphere was shit house, didn't really injury the start of the night, when suddenly we move to aurora and things changed we started with shooters when only half hour went by and I was shit face.

Back at the dock...lounge one the smokers lounge, and Chris throw me a beer, from there we party all night with myself wearing a pink cowboy hat and smoking a cheeky one.

That morning out cold and miss work for the second time, Once again thanks to Alex,Matty,Dave,and the smoke's lounge.Woken up by the boys three times and fell back to sleep don't no if I will get a write up wait until Dave see me and then try to sweet talk him. Thanks for a awesome night see you all soon.


Posted by me5/shawnblauw at 2:27 AM GMT
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Saturday, 22 October 2005
piss again!
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: nickel back!
Hello once again!

Well how is everyone back home, last week Kristy and i wen to kelowna for our job interview for big white. Everything went well, Kristy applyed for front desk and i applyed for bellman, we should now about our job and if we were successful by next week.

Wednesday the 17th of October, we said goodbye to Richo a good friend and a great bellman. We were working that morning Richo,Alex and I, 3.30pm we work and went down town for a cheeky one and some golden tee. After this Alex,Adrian and I went to the salt-lik for some more drinks and calamari-es rings.Awesome!!! Then we met back up with Richo and the gang and party to early hours of the morning, With plenty of piss in our stomach and weed in the throat we were ready to party. What a great night and we say goodbye to RICHO!!! By dude. See you in London.


Posted by me5/shawnblauw at 11:03 PM GMT
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Saturday, 15 October 2005
what a weekend!
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: hockey on TV
Hi All,

Last weekend was a huge three day's of being on the piss,I was celebrating my best friends birthday. It started on Friday night when we were kicking back with three bottles of red and the mood hit and we ended up down town at auroras,from there we went back to the dock and kept drinking till the early hours of the morning.

the next day I work and felt like shit, then back it up again, with two bottles of red, and sushi at miki, and the sushi train. Things once again got ugly and ended up back down town at auroras. Follow up by back at the dock and running around until early hours of the morning. About 5.30am.

I once again had to work that morning and really felt like shit, but charge on. That night I was going to go to bed when my mate Alex's see me in the hallway and has a another bottle of red, how many you ask three bottles of red. Once again we ended up back down town at auroras again! and the boys there can't believe were back. After auroras we headed back to the dock and continue to stay alive and run a muck. That day at work things were a blur,priceless!!! three days of fun with my best friend Alex. !!!Happy birthday!!!


Posted by me5/shawnblauw at 4:09 AM GMT
Updated: Wednesday, 19 October 2005 10:45 PM GMT
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Saturday, 8 October 2005
Mood:  hungry
Now Playing: video games beside me
Hi All,

G'day how is everyone? Things in Banff are really good, just kicking back after a hard day of work playing on the net. Today a guest was charge with drink driving on a bell cart, his fine for taking the cart set him back 3,500 dollars for scratching the cart and damages to the vehicle, what a toss!
Good tips today as we drove a guest to the Calgary airport,he tip Ryan 200 dollars and still miss the plane. Going to get some wine now talk again soon.

Posted by me5/shawnblauw at 12:08 AM GMT
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Tuesday, 4 October 2005
9 year anniversary
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: house music
Hi All,

Well last night Kristy and I cellabrated 9 year together and we went to eden restaurant and stayed in the Rim Rock hotel. We had a wonderful time and the food was amazing. Today I picked up our car it's a 1981 Ford Mercury, black on the outside and red leather interia. It's is snowing at the moment and is freezing cold, just down town having a coffee and playing on the internet. Take care and talk againg soon.
love Kristy and Shawn.

Posted by me5/shawnblauw at 2:38 AM GMT
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Saturday, 1 October 2005
This is my new web page!
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: U2
What's up,

Hey everyone this is my new web page that my friend Alex show me how to create, you can now visit this and send email through just by clicking postcomment. Al my photo's and travelling of were we been you can now check out on the web page.

Posted by me5/shawnblauw at 12:05 AM GMT
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