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Miss Raleigh Dime's Spin-Off

LAST UPDATED: JULY 26th, 2K3 4:33 AM


My Run Down

My Pictures


How To Halla Me

"I'm a Queen, I live in the clouds. If You wanna

kick it with me. You better Bow down, so get on

your knees and call me your "heighness", cuz baby

believe me i'm Karolina's Finest"

days 'til my birthday!

Born~ Second of March

Age~ 19 years old

alias~ Tray, Tray-Tray, Tray-Boogie, T

sex~ Duh...FEMALE

zodiac~ Pisces, that Zodiac Freak

grade~ Sophomore @ Winston-Salem State

job~ Spoiled and makin it!!!

wants~ A DECENT boyfriend, a car, to be spoiled more


race~ Black and Native American

colors~Purple, Pink and Boston Celtics Green

sports~ Football, Basketball and Cheerleading

teams~ Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Bucs

Song I'm Feelin now~ Can't Stop, Won't Stop-Young Guns

shoes~ Air Forces, Bowlin Shoes, All Shoes from Journey's

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Contact Info:





TIME: Best Time To Catch Me is Midnight or I might be on in the day sometimes

*NOTE*: When u hit me up, let me kno who u are from BP and don`t come disrespecting me or u will get the boot!!!!

My Pictures

Me and my cousin (sxycole32)when I was 1 and she was 3.

Me (in the blue) and My Cousin (in the tan) (sxycole32)

Me at 9 Months

Me in 1st Grade

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Thanks For Coming By My Page, Updates and More To Come Soon!!!**SMOOCHES**

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My Favorite Web Sites

Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Free Web Building Help
Angelfire HTML Library
HTML Gear - free polls, guestbooks, and more!
Best Place To Meet Black People
College Peeps
MY Blackplanet Page
Best Search Engine on the Web
My Favorite Music Network
home of Making The Band 2, TRL, and Direct Effect

My Shoutouts!!!!

  • Ashley (Neka919) (My nigga fo life, keep Marc in line)
  • Junior aka Steve (My boo...halla baby)
  • Ray (rayjay62) (My Boo Forever...I miss you!!)
  • Adrian (Canibal22) (My Friend, i don't kno what to say about you
  • Jennea, (Gyrl keep doin yo thang, keep that holy ghost in you)
  • Chay aka Charale (Missgist2002) (6 years and still haven't met yet, nigga we are two of a kinda)
  • Shawn (Life_N_Pain) (see I got you this round, but I see you took me off of yours)
  • Brian (PeteyPablo) (We been Through Shyt boy, but u still my boo-boo)
  • Chad (TruSoulja33) (Never have time for me anymore.....*sniff*)
  • My Southside Crew (Allison, Crystal, Ryan, Ebony, Sasha and Stephaine)
  • My WSSU Peoples, Porche(AquaBoogie03), Punkin(BaybD), Antionette, Beyoca, and everyone else i forgot
  • Everyone Repin WSSU (SU MUTHAFU*A)
  • A&T (Aggie Pride), NCCU, Fay-ville State,
  • Marcus (Byrdseye), (da*n nigga, i almost forgot about you, keep doin you and treat my sista Ashley well)
  • Jaz (Kutii) (Keep Pimpin them niggas gyrl and have fun at ECU)
  • Tony (T_o_n_y_2002) (Ask that Flo out already, will you???...LOL)
  • Everyone Else I Forgot, Forgive my mind not my heart...I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!