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Sonephet Pictures

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New Pictures

Welcome to my picture page. Here are the most recent pictures.

I'm using Dreamweaver MX to create this page! It's not that impressive--yet. Still learning it. Looks like it's gonna be a while. I still need to create buttons for the links to the left in Flash MX, too many things to lean at once!

Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

Posted 8/1/04

Pictures: May-July
Chinda & Kay Keolavone's Wedding at Hastings City Auditorium
Chinda & Kay
Chinda & Kay cake cutting
chinda & kay
Photo op with bride & groom
Phets, Panom
Long time no see. Old friends Phets and Panom
Panom & family
Panom and his family-Panom, Daylon (son), Kim (girlfriend), Kim's sister, Kim's mom, Johnny
My uncles Sun & Ting having a ball
Anousone and Somnouk's H.S. Graduation
Anousone's graduation ceremony walk. Good-bye life, hello crappy world
The family's all here
Oudon's traditional cap wearing routine
Nong & Nouk
With Nong and Nouk at Nouk's graduation party
My uncles at Nouk's party
Hanging out in the back yard-Phouk, Ne, Gee (Bone), Anoy, Ping
Christy & Jessica
Christy & Jessica at Anousone's grad party
Other Happenings
friends at Lazlo
Hanging out with friends at Lazlo
Bodegus Bar
At the Bodegus Bar-Amber, Stephanie, Chance, me, Ryan
At Iguana Bar with best friend Ryan
With best friend Mark at his mother's graduation party
Family Happenings
Na and Wife
At airport welcoming my uncle back with his wife
Na and family
Uncle and his family, except Mimi (holding)
Vatsana and Mimi
Vatsana (Ker) and Mimi at the airport
At Phouks house-Oudon, Kon, Ker, Dala
Phouk's house
Phouk's house
Phouk's back yard
My apartment's livingroom, come on in ladies!

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