P  a  u  l  ' s
        C   o   l   u   m   b   i   a      
                                                                                          p       a       g       e       

   Columbia, S.C. 

My Hometown

Where I grew up. Home of Hootie and the Blowfish. Also
where you'll find:


University of South Carolina

           NCR (West Columbia)

          SC State Fair

          Icy's Sports Bar

          Lizard's Thicket

           Five Points





by Blue Sky  





So I grew up in Columbia, in walking distance of US 1 and in hearing distance of the firing ranges and troop maneuvers at Fort Jackson. In fact one of the most eerie sounds I've ever heard in my entire life was the sound of military cadence, from a distance, on an otherwise completely silent morning... The story:


On rare occasions when I was awake and outside at, say 6:00 AM (be assured this was the exception, not the rule) I could sometimes hear the faint voices of perhaps a hundred troops, chanting/singing cadence as part of some march or drill or morning run, a barely-perceptible sound rolling towards me in waves, seeping through a thousand pine trees making the voices rise and fallskewed off-key like a warped recordgiving a mysterious, other-worldly effect to the sound. The very first time I heard this I initially even thought it was my imagination, but no, there it was again... It comes and goes with the shifting breeze, but unmistakably it's an actual sound. I could then only imagine a terrible coven practicing some unholy ceremony or ritual in a nearby glade; I suddenly felt like an embattled Young Goodman Brown alone in an evil forest... I'd never been so spooked, so haunted, outside in my own yard, in broad daylight no less! Hair standing on end, I ran back inside the house and turned on the TV good and loud. (And never became a morning person like my dad.)

   What's Cool in Columbia

Manifest Discs & Tapes
An excellent music store
started by Carl Singmaster
(former engineer at NCR).
Manifest is
going out of business...
Too good to remain true!

WUSC (College Radio Station)
When I moved to San Diego
I found I really missed college
radio being on the airwaves
(in So. Cal. all college radio
is online).

Art Bar
A really cool night club/lounge;
check out their website (click above). I especially like the
'black light' room (which
you might've guessed
if you've seen my
black light page).

Of course.



   What's Cool in Columbia

Five Points
Many bars, taverns, restaurants & shops concentrated in one small area. Click here for an online map (although I'm not sure it's complete).

It's all here! When in town, pick up the Free Times almost anywhere. And/or visit them online for:

Best of Columbia

 City Guide

Dining Guide

Club Guide

Musician's Guide

Cultural Season

...and more!

Again, that's:
(and scroll down a bit for
all of the above)


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            "Palmetto Island"
2001 Blue Sky