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NEWS/RUMORS: UPDATED November 16, 2005

After an 8-month long hiatus, PATP reformed in late August to put together a three-song demo tentatively titled "the Partridge Lane Sessions". The session featured Dane on keyboards, piano, and vocals, David on bass, Alex on drums, and special guest/neighbor Michael Fillyaw Sr. chugging a gallon of Drain-O in his underwear.

RUMOR: Legend has it that four tracks were actually recorded: "Crosstown Traffic", "Take the 'A' Train", "So What", and a cover of Vinnie Calliendo's 1999 smash hit "She Took the Money and Ran". However, equipment failure resulted in the loss of all of Dane's keyboard tracks, and in the end, only "Crosstown Traffic" survived with a few last-minute additions by Dane. In the following three hours, the demo was somehow leaked to the public, most likely the result of a drunken swap at a local trading post by Fillyaw: the CD for a new pair of Jockeys.

NEWS: the full band got together in early November to musically reaquaint themselves with eachother. no recording or writing was done, but look for Pay at the Pump to resurface in the upcoming weeks/months/days.


Pay At The Pump is very, very desperate to play. seriously, we'll do anything. we'll play in your basement if that's what you want. having a bar mitzvah? that's our specialty. we'll even bring the goulash.

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