To Where You Are To Where You Are
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Darling you may be gone from me,
but you will never be to far from my heart,
nor from my thoughts.
You give me something that nobody
can ever take away from me.
I will always cherish what time we had together,
even through it was a short time.
The memories I will always keep close to my heart.
I know that there is a part of you here with always.
I can feel you here at times when I think of you,
but most of all I can feel you and I can you when I
look into the eyes of what god has given us.
I still have a part of you here on this earth,.
I cherish him and love him for the both of us.
He is the proof of our love that we once shared
here on earth and far beyond.
My darling our love has not died, it just grows on.
And my darling someday we will be together again.
Until we can all be together, I will watch over our love
here on earth and protect our love.
My love for you goes with you where ever you are.
I love and miss you darling see you real soon.
.................................written by emmanualle

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