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labyrinth, the dangerous lives of alter boys, plan 9 from outer space, the princess bride, zorro the gay blade, o brother where art thou, the rocky horror picture show, detroit rock city, rudolph, the crush, face/off, john q, where the heart is, ever after, the horse whisperer, 8 heads in a duffle bag, a christmas story, south park; bigger longer uncut, perfect blue, requiem for a dream, donnie darko, dick, cheech and chong up in smoke, cheech and chong the brothers grimm, twister, star wars, princess mononoke, kiki's delivery service, castles in the sky, grave of the fireflies, jurassic park, the crow, kill bill, reservoir dogs, pulp fiction, blow, forrest gump, alice in wonderland, the lion king, the fox and the hound, grumpy old men, heavy metal, this is spinal tap, shrek, the wizard of oz, american history x, mystery science theater 3000, amalie, clerks, dogma, mallrats, what's eating gilbert grape, secret window, pirates of the carribean, good morning vietnam, the last unicorn, fear and loathing in las vegas, moulin rouge, chicago, the dukes of hazard, the muppet movie, the rocketeer, what i did my summer vacation, the emperor's club, bram stoker's dracula, war of the roses, frankenstein, dracula, the curse of the mummy, the maltese falcon, the killer weed, the night of the living dead, robin hood men in tights, monty python and the search for the holy grail, monty python and the meaning of life, monty python and the life of brian, the lord of the rings, akira, 1984, a clockwork orange, catch 22, 12 samurai, the long long trailer, grease, the neverending story, watership down, 12 monkies, amadaeus, the pirate movie, the snow queen, the jungle book, the red sun, the searchers, indiana jones, alien, predator, godfather, terminator, mafia!, the three muskateers, 28 days later, y tu mama tambien, caesar, romeo and juliet, the nightmare before christmas, rollerball, the son in law, wayne's world, bill and ted's excellent adventure, oceans 11, the lost boys,