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                  Bluebonnet Country   Min Pin Pups

                           Brenham, Texas



Available Puppies


  Honey's Puppies:

Born June 2nd, 2007: pictures updated weekly - last updated 6.21.07

Available for Personal Pick-up at 6 weeks: 7.14.07

Available for Shipping at 8 weeks: 7.28.07 






Our Philosophy at Bluebonnet Country Min Pin Pups

We have AKC Miniature Pinscher puppies.  Our puppies are playful, independent and bred for temperament.  We specialize in companion pets.  Black/Rust & Reds.  Puppies come with a full registration.  Puppies have had dewclaws removed, tails docked, and come with a veterinarian certification.  Shipping is available for $225 through Continental Airlines.  Club Affiliations and Registries: AKC

The Miniature Pinscher can be an alert watchdog, a lively companion, and an untiring clown.  They are truly  the “King of Toys”.    Our breed dogs were purchased as puppies and raised with us as part of the family.  Our purpose is to enjoy our Min Pins and have a few litters to share with others who want a wonderful and fun Min Pin puppy as a pet or companion.  We have found Min Pins to be the perfect pet.  Small enough to enjoy within the house or out, excellent as a watch dog, courageous and brave beyond it’s size, and lively and loving to the entire family.  Each of our dogs are family friends and pets, but also a way for our children grow their savings for educational purposes.  In our kids minds, never has saving money been more fun and rewarding at the same time.  

Dasher, our male, is small, but doesn’t know it.  He will go after anything without thought to size or strength.  He has a great time chasing our cat, chickens, ducks, and even tries to bark down our cows!  Honey is our lovey dog.  She is the first in line for your lap as soon as you sit.  She loves to be held and snuggle with you.  Xena's name (as in Xena, warrior princess), was chosen because she has such a regal look.  She is full of life and always ready to go on an adventure. Ginger, our chocolate female, loves to kiss and hug, but can be a real clown sometimes.  Each litter is special and each puppy given individualized attention.  This is truly a whole family endeavor, as we all love to socialize and play with the dogs and puppies. 

All of our litters are registered with the AKC at birth.  All puppies receive a full transfer of AKC ownership.  Puppies are weaned prior to  6 weeks of age, can be shipped at 8 weeks (according to airline requirements) or personally picked up at 6 weeks.  Ears are not cropped at time of purchase.   According to the Barron’s Miniature Pinscher Pet Owner Manual, ear cropping is not to be performed until 12 weeks of age and must only be done by a veterinarian.  A veterinarian with considerable experience cropping Min Pin ears is best.  We have chosen to leave our Min Pins with their natural ears.

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