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All about me and Nicholas

I met nick in a chat room online coz Tj invited us in and we started talking

then we talked a lot more...

and a lot more....

And so much that during christmas break we stayed up really late everynight talking to eachother...

we made a fun christmas tree on the yahoo thing together

and wed make a kissy face at midnight from the song

Then me and leann went bowling with him and steve rurka

I liked nick sooooooo much and he liked me too :-)

We decided to go to the chrismtas dance together

But we had to go to the mall to get his clothes before, so we went with mandi and had lots of fun

the first song we danced to at the dance was "This i promise you" By N'sync

We made a cd with all the songs we liked together on it

Then he was gonna ask me out in person at school but someone * cough cough steve cough* ruined it lol it was on december 21st 2002

Then for our first christmas together He got my teddy bear "god damnnit" and I got him adidas cologne

then we went to chris lovedays house and we saw our first movie Billy Madison and he held my hand for the first time

Nick first said he loved me in amandas room before i had to leave

Then he came to my house and mandi and chris were there. We were in the hot tub and we were forced to our first kiss, and after we watched a walk to remember and "really" kissed on our own

One time he came over and we had a HUGE snow fight all down the street at my house and it was so much fun

Then he came to my 17th birthday party, and got me perfume and he had to leave early coz of soccer

Then i went to one of Nicks indoor soccer games with his mom my sister and his sister (they became friends)

Then it was valentines day, we went and ate a tocco bell and went to the movies.

In april i went to nick and his dads birthday party and met his family, Leann came along too and we had fun, she kissed a deer and we broke a stress ball and got powder all over his bed,

...Then we discovered the secret spot by his house...

Then i was in the footloose play and nick would come watch all the practices after school pretty much everyday

Then the relay for life day was SO MUCH FUN, me nick mandi dennis and leann drove around all day and we all went to the relay for life and spent the night in a fun tent

june 11th me mandi dennis and nick spent the night in a tent at lynseys party it was really fun too

Then we went to my sisters birthday party June 14th we went to this park and it was so much fun espically driving there

Nick likes to take me for rides on his 4-wheeler- I think he likes scaring the shit out of me...or maybe just likes running MY LEG OVER! lol

Then me him and steve went to stoney creek a few times and everyone thought it was fun to chase me we went with kyle and halie too

then we had a really fun day just for us...we went to stoney creek rollbladed fished went to the beach came home kyle and halie came over we went out to eat and had a fire in the backyard roasting marshmellows and everyone spent the night

One time Nick went with my family to see the fireworks, it was so perfect laying on the gound kissing and watching the them

Towards the end of Summer, We went to the block party in my neighborhood, we hung out with nick and jackie and we jumped on the moonbounce and ran around eating a lot

The summer night thing is awesome

Once we broke up and nick rode his bike to my house crying and i opened the door and we just stood there holding eachother for like ten minutes, i got all these crazy feelings and we ended up getting back together

Once i got in a fight with mandi and leann and i was crying and nick suprised me and his mom dropped him off over here and he made me feel better :-)

He has this really awesome tree fort and we had so much fun that one day laying in it laughing like the whole time

Nick has a cute dog saber, and a cat snowball well she had kittens and i got to keep one (lexy)

On our six month anniversary we went to the store and he baught me a ring and neckalace and a buncha other stuff hes too nice i swear!

once we had a crazy claw fight on his couch lol

We went to homecomming with mandi leann dennis scott hkyle halie meanie and josh, we ate at the macaroni grill and danced all night and nick stayed that weekend over my house it was so much fun, the night before we went to the football game with kyle and halie

Then he came to my powderpuff game and it was fun and melanie drove him home after

i went to a lot of his soccer games with mandi and leann and wached, hes number 21 :-) and hes SOOO good at soccer

Then i went to his aunt chrissys house for ashleys birthday and spent the night after, it was so much fun me amanda ashley erica and all their friends made up a dance to a hillary duff song, and me and nick wachted a movie went for walks in the woods and played hide n seek with everyone it was so fun, little kids partys are the best lol

The next morning we went to the cider mill and went on a haunted hayride and haunted house that melanie and eric worked at and made friends with these 3 dudes there we got pumpkins too

Then he came over and we painted the pumpkins together

Then we went to the german oktober fest and had a lot of fun, we got to see frau again, and i helped set everything up and clean up and im not even in german anymore lol but it was fun,

On halloween we went to the movies with kyle and halie and saw scary movie 3, then we ate at tocco bell and we carved our pumpkin and went trick or treating as gangstas hehe

one time at 1 am. nick was sleeping over steves and they snuck out and came over so nick could kiss me :-)

Then we made a huge leaf pile once in his backyard and then i freaked coz tehre were a MILLION spiders EVERYHWERE it was sooo sick

sleeping on his couch all the time...and my couch, and his chair..and his yeah were pretty lazy

Once i highlighted his hair..he looks funny in that cap

Then i highlighted his moms and sisters hair too

once me mandi and leann went to his house and his mom gave is facials :-)

we always go on fun walks a lot at my house when the weathers nice

When i went to Flordia for a week we talked everynight after nine for an hour on the phone about how much we missed eachother

we have this little butt smacking game, and IM WINNING!! haha

An interesting fact about nick- hes got a half of a heart on his chest with beautymarks

speaking of beautymarks..hes got this hot one on his face that i LOVE

I spent a WHOLE week at his house when my parents went to california and it was the best week of my life

he looks really HOT in a hat

Nick loves to wear nautica

Once i tried to teach nick to was so fun-ny

Our first picture is framed at my house of us at the dance

special date- 11-3-03

We had a lot of hard times when dumb girls tried to steal him..but were still together, I think that means something :-)

Inside Jokes:
(nickolas number 2, my beautiful fag, nickelpumper, nickerous, YOU RULE BREAKER!) it was so fun bowling, that guy didnt like u to much, saying hi to all those people who were not nice, getting all those fouls, u sprayed that stuff all over haha, running thru the drive thru at wendys that didnt work to well lol going to the mall gettin in cologne fights to find u an outfit for the dance that we had so much fun at. MR white shirt, the long skinny store aka 579, is that ur trailer? ahha the shake thingys u and mandi got, how DID those cars get there?? that blue hat was pretty great! standing here is getting us nowhere!! haha at chrises house that was great except for me being tickeled and threatned to sing, and u kept stealing all the pillows!! Then at my house fighting about the hot tub, i FINALLY WENT IN and it was fun lol cept i got dizzy after, then we watched that great movie we never really watched lol, sorry for always making you late hehe, CITY WATER IS BETTER!!, ya huh ya huh ya huh! UR NOT GOING TO COLORADE TO BUY TAPE TO TAPE UR MOUTH SHUT JUST SO I CANT HEAR UR LAUGH! Do u wanna hotdog? No yes u do she wants a hotdog! no i dont yes she does no she dosent! lmao I never said i was going to kill you! saber got me all muddy but its okay becuase I LOVE HIM and im going to steal him away even tho he tried to eat my belt off of me HAHA I love how he walks himself! and then u like spill my eyeshadow stuff and it was all over everything lmao we were on the couch while amndi sits there I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM OH IM SAD I LOVE 2gether!! ur not RETARTED! and ur face is not playdough although its made in china. "AND ALL" ;-) haha i love how everytime u come over i make u eat too much. how do u no whats always going to happen in the movies?? espically when you TALK the whole way thru it lmao, "are u comfortable?" "only if your comfortable" im belimic, you can read minds?? haha "well im only comfortable if YOUR comfortable" THAT WAS A SAMPLE??? oh so now ur unzipping it with your teeth? I wish i could sleep with you haaahahah that was funny at the movies it gets all quiet and ur like "im ugllly" and then all the toccos u got at tocco bell and u shoved them in ur pockets and then when me and mandi and leann come over to get our facials from your mom your like all sitting there in your pajamas haha and amanda tells me u and steves secrets hehe .the snowfight you can stick ur hands in there too....they wont fit...its too small....there we go...its not comming out....its stuck!! fuck myass asseywet pants lol both of our pants like falling down how everything we do looks really bad, Nick...Megan...i LOVE you!! your reindeer ears Oh YEAH WELL I JUST MIGHT GO FUCK HIM ON THE WAY BACK COZ.....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! SPIDERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! The cat downstairs, That little war that we had at ur house was so fun even tho i clawed u up haha im sorry! Have you seen my nipple? lmao Your moms buying u a DRESS to wear at homecomming? Haha everyone nicks wearing a dress for homecomming! so i was at the mall the other day and i saw these AWESOME shoes...ok it happened, blood...grrrrr, you look pretty mommy....LOL Trick or treating was so fun Us gangstas "yeah I said her costume sucked and she turned around and DECKED ME IN THE FACE" hehe we pulled that guys lights out and we wanted to be young again can i see ur Id? gooey louie, SCARY CLOWN, me teachin u to sing..and I JACK the PUMPKIN KING, everytime we try to sleep my damn cat kept interupting..That week was the best I could ever ask for

Nick I love you more than mean the world to me Thanks for all these great times, you changed my life completely