If I could open your eyes,
to what you mean to me,
Are you sure you would really want to see?
Its days like these
that I sit down and think.
When I'm on the brink
of really losing it all
I begin to fall and I see,
That you're the one who's here for me.
I know you don't know it
But I know I do,
That you'd help me if you knew,
i wasn't goinng
to make it through.
You don't hold my hand
or lead the way
but you've always been there to say
that one of these days
I'm gonna fly away
and leave this place behind.
Its not my destiny,
to live in perfect harmony
with the rest of
a perfect crowd.
You've always known
I'd be the one to break away
froma perfect family,
To a place where I can finally
be everything you've dreamt for me.
How can you not see,
what you truly mean to me?
I'm sure now,
that you mean more than you will ever see.
Every day
it seems to be the way,
that we'll talk a little
smile a lot
but it doesn't give you a second thought
how much you could really mean.
Walking in here every day,
is more than I could ever pray
that I would have.
To be able to say
I'm accepted in this place,
I'm one of the crowd...
the gang, the crew
and only if you knew
that this is everything to me now.
Alone elsewhere I've grown to be
the one who is not so easily seen,
lost in the crowds
the fun
the scene
I've lost all that was close to me.
But you've been here,
tucked away,
in my mind,
and I know
I can always find
you somehow.
But you dont see me the way I see you,
You are all I look forward to.
its the little things you do and say
that keep me returning every day.
This place has been my home, you see
for these last ten months
I've been losing
But here by your side
I've learned to live my own life,
as myself I feel pride,
no longer just shame
you have taught me to take a look at myself again.
And so you see
you are more
than just another person that I walk through the door
and see every day.
You've shown me a new way
to live,
a happier way
to claim that I am alive,
and so I'm no longer on the brink
of losing it all,
as I sit down and think
I know I will not fall.
Because with you by my side,
its so easy to decide,
that I need to stay
maybe just for one day,
And maybe you can finally see,
what you truly mean to me.