Glance at me when you've got the time.
I love that longing look in your eyes.
You want me?
Then bleed for me.
You love me?
Then plead for me.
Baby I'm not what I seem..
I don't care what you think you see,
I'm much more,
Oh baby I'm your little whore.
Bend me, Break me.
Tell me what am I to do,
Right now I'd do anything for you.
Fuck me, Take me,
Touch me, Taste me,
This feeling,
Is so different than before..
Baby I'm your little whore.
I glance at you whe I've got the time.
I get that longing look in my eyes.
I want you,
I'll bleed for you.
I love you,
I'll plead for you.
Things aren't what they seem,
Theres so much more to us than everyone sees..
'Cause at night when we lock the door..
I'm not just me anymore.
Baby I'm your little whore.