It wasn't what I'd wanted,
to be left alone
Like a bird in a raging storm,
I fell like dead weight
As the world drenched my wings.
Dyign inside my uneven mind
I'd lost my reason to smile,
And it was fading every second.
As my red life fell down before me
All I saw was darkness:
The freezing truth of reality.
The only light left in my eyes
Cryed out
But the world was like an audience
staring, Watching, JUDGING
Learnign every moment
A new reason to seclude me.
I didn't understand
The looks they threw my way,
WHY am I so different from them
What makes me such easy prey.
But no one could give the answer...
For their eyes judged
On ways I can't explain.
The way I look.
The way I feel.
All torn apart by what they see.
I wanted to cry forever...
And I have.