Well it hurts more than anything I've ever known
And I feel like I'm losing you
Every day I live on
I've got a hole in my chest now
It makes it so hard to breathe
Especially with you around
I've got a lie in my head
And an emptiness in my stomach
Although I have just eaten
I've got an ache in my heart
Beating in my chest now
Half the life I used to have
And I'm missing a lung
My mouth is dry
And all my skins gone numb
My mind tells me to move on now
But my heart fights with such force
A wounded soldier
The battle is neverending
(Love and common sense)
I've got acid in my veins
and knives for bones
Every time I cry it's like
one more slap in the face
I think about you every morning
Every day
And every night.
And every time I think about you
This is how it feels...