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Awesome Places to Go...

My deviantArt
deviantArt is a community or artists on the web. There is a lot of talent here. So be ure to check it out!!

My journal is friends only, so if you want to be added, just comment!

My Space
My space is a place to meet people.. there are people from EVERYWHERE and it is just a fun place to make new friends or talk with old ones.

Polluted Perfection
This is my best friend Beckie's site. I.. love it!

death Blooms
This is my friend Roy's site.

Eighty-Six is a local band of Falmouth. They are kind of pop punkish/emoish I would say. But I love them. So check out their site!

Inforever is another local band... they broke up but the core of the band is still together so we can only wait to see what happens.