Look at Me... Who Do You See?
Look at me... Who do you see?

"L o o k .. a t .. m e .. n o w,
I m .. b r o k e n,
I n h e r i t .. m y .. l i f e."

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So this is my site...

So this site exists because I guess I always used to feel like no one really knew who I was. So I wanted people to be able to realize who I really am. I guess you can't 'know' me by reading about me, but you can definetly learn.

So, do you want to learn?

My name is Margaret Mary cahill, but people call me Maggie. I have a million nicknames, but who cares. Right? I go to Falmouth High School, and I guess it's okay. I love writing, it lets me let my feelings out. Which helps me a lot. But I also love singing and drawing. I like the rain, movies, music, the computer, reading, playing the keyboard and the drums, DDR, and hanging around with my friends.
I have the best friends in the world. I would name them but I would feel bad if i forgot someone. So, you know if you are my friend. And thanks for all your help. i love you all.

This is me and my best friend Beckie on the left. Yes, I know I look goofy.

"Some friends become enemies,
Some friends become your family,
Make the best with what your given,
This aint dyin' this is livin!"

The cutest bear ever is on the right. awww =)

Josh is my boyfriend and he means so much to me. I love him a lot!!

"Dont give up the fight to stay alive and even if you have to,
Find the reason of anothers pain if they lose you,
If not for yourself then those around who care like I do,
One day you'll see the clear blue...
Beyond the gray sky."

The Front of my pumpkin
[Jack Skelington]
The back of my pumpkin
[The Nightmare before Christmas]
This is Josh at


That is one of my FAVORITE
pictures of Josh.
He looks so happy!
I Love Him Soooo Much!!

More pictures of Josh

You should neevr plan your whole life on the future you think you have. Things can change in an instant. Maybe for better, maybe for worse, but things do change. And as teenagers, most of us like to think that things dont change. That they cant change because we dont want them to. but guess what, we are wrong. what is life without change? nothing. right? think about it... if everything stayed just as you wanted it all the time there would be no conflict in life. no change. no excitement. nothing would ever be new, and sometimes something new and different is exactly what we need.
my life changed. i didnt even know if i wanted it to but i changed it, but now im sure it was the best choice. im one of those people that is horribly indecisive, those people that stand in the store picking between the purple and the blue pants for an hour and a half. lol. yup, thats me =) but im learning to think things through and make the right decision the first time. because so far throughout my life i have hurt a few people by not thinking things through. on impulse or spur of the moment decisions i have ruined my life. i have lost things that i will neever regain no matter how hard i try. and its my fault. my fault for not thinking of what the consequences would be. but as i said, im learning. and i think i am doing better. im looking at the future, not long term future, but the future. so then wehn i make my decision, i have the think about... who will it affect? how will it affect them? weigh the pros and the cons, and then make my decision.
but yeah... i think that is my biggest flaw i have. indecisiveness. i have screwed myself over so many times. but its alright, im working on it. and im happy now with my life and doing my best not to hurt anyone else. and as long as im trying, i guess thats all ayone can ask for.

I want to tell my closest friends what you mean to me, so here i go

Beckie: You are my best friend in the world, and honestly I dont know what i would do without you. You can make me smile, laugh, even cry. but sometimes thats just what I need. We have been through hell together, and i made it through because of you. We have also had some of the best times! "hungry man vs. boston market" remember that? hilarious. And looking at pauls ass, lol. there is so much stuff i could write that makes me smile or laugh that has happened with you, but i think you remember most of it. so just thanks for always being there, i love you hunnie.

Joe: JOOOOOEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! We have known eachother a long time now, it seems like forever huh? We have good times and bad times, but we always make it through. You have to teach me how to make neaklaces though, okay?? and i am going to design you more tatoos. we have good times just laying around doing nothing. drawing in my notebook, watching movies. (ice age!!!!!!) lol. good times. i dont know what i would do without you as my friend. remember im always here for you if you need me. to talk, or whatever. okay? you will be my best friend forever and i love you okay. remember that.

Josh: Joshua! So me and you became like best friends over night, lol. And you are better than me at ddr, just admit it. lol. although I can beat max 300 and standard and YOU CANT. and what now i can beat dynamite rave on heavy so you got nothin! But thats okay. Im so glad you are part of my life and I love you soooo much. I fuck you because im your whore ... lol. well yes anyways i am so happy with you and i hope we are together for a long time!"It's 8:16 A.M. will you wake up to me The first thing that you see My eyes open I'm just hopin' you feel the same as me" I love youuuu.

Gen: My best friend yet again. Things are looking better for us, hanging out more, having more fun. and you are improving at DDR lol. you beat max 300! *does dance* i hope you and mitch make your relationship better... lol. i hate seeing you sad and mad all the time. but we have fun anyways. its good hanging out with you again. i love you!!

all my other friends mean a lot to me too. But these are the ones who have been here for me and are here for me now. thanks to everyone who has been here for me.

Angels From Yesterday

I've watched angels fall
In search of yesterday
They would take away today
To live forgotten days
It would never be the same
They can't go back to yesterday...

Searching for meaning
Find something to say
I can't live this way
Not now
Not today
Im in search of yesterday

Angels with broken wings
Find something to say
Don't go back to yesterday
It will never be the same
You can't go back to yesterday...

Yesterday can live on in your mind
As you wish and as you cry
But today will live on in your eyes

As you live or as you try
I've watched angels fall
In search of yesterday
They take away today
To live in a forgotten day
It can neevr be the same
They can't go back to yesterday
*Maggie Cahill*

'Maybe I'm not your favorite, it's too bad you're not mine.'

There's nothing left when trust is gone

R.I.P Mike 2003

I'll miss you.

"If the people we love are taken from us,
the way they live on is to never stop loving them.
Buildings burn, people die,
but real love is forever."
-The Crow

And when its all over, at the end of the day, your still gonna have to look at yourself in that mirror.
Will you see who you want to see...?