So what is there to know about me... Well, my full name is Margaret Mary Cahill. But, call me Maggie. If you really object to that, feel free to call me: magret, mags, mag, magsamillion, maggo, maggus, magpie, magger, miss.maggie, little one, maggnum, maggish, sweetie, hunny, chicky, punk, baby, butters, margerine, em, or emma. Haha. [I'd prefer Maggie]
I am VERY shy, and I dont open up right away. But, when I do, I am pretty crazy. I've gotten better about being shy, but it is still my biggest problem I think. But once we are friends, its easy to see I dont stay shy forever.
Hmmm.. how about Love? I have been in love before, I know, but now I am single and happy as can be. I would love to find someone new and be happy, but we all have to wait our turn.
I have the best friend in THE WORLD. Beckie Marks. She is the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for.. EVER. She has helped me through my life and really, she has made me the person I am today. Without her, I am sure I would be dead.. or fallen into some emotional hole that I would never be able to crawl out of. She is standing by my side through everything I have been through. So Beckie, I wanted to say THANK YOU, and I LOVE YOU more
than anyone. Without you.. well who knows where I would be. We've been through hell, and we made it through. Because of eachother.
I have wonderful friends, and just because they arent my BEST friends doesn't mean they dont mean the world to me. I have a nother very close friend by the name of JOSH (thank you for everything!!)But there are so many other people who I love and make life better on a daily basis. I could sit here and list them, but they know who they are. <3
How about school? I am a Junior this year at Falmouth High School... My GPA is around 3.68.. Pretty good I think. This year I am taking classes that include: AP English 3, AP Chemistry, Pre-Cal Honors, American History, Reporatory Singers, Art 3, Photo, Computer Graphics, and Gym. JAM PACKED. lol. I have no plan as to where to go to college, except I think I want to go to an art college. But, we will see.
I love art.. as you will see throughout my site... mostly I like writing.. poetry and stories, but also I draw, paint, and I like photography. I will try to get as much of my art up on this site as possible.
I guess I could tell you a little about my family.. My parents are divorced, but it is much better that way. I live with my mom, and two brothers. Pat, my older brother is a genius, but wont do his work in school. LAZY BASTARD. lol. But, he plays guitar and is very good at it, and I think he is going into the marines after he graduates this year. We are tight like woah so that will suck, he is a great kid. Joey, my younger brother, is an interesting fellow. He isnt all about doing his work either. but he and I are close too and thats all that counts. My mom is a high spirited person and we have grown closer over this last year I think. I have a cat named TK who I love A LOT. My dad is remarried and we go to his house often. My dad is the goofiest person I know and although we dont say it so often, I love him and I know he loves me. Nancy is my step mom, she is great too.. know I can talk to her about anything and she'll understand so that is comforting. That is my family.. and I love them.
I guess thats all I really have to say unless you want to know my life story.... haha.. just kidding. That would be a long story. Life is okay right now.. I'm getting by, however painful some things are I know I gotta stick it out and do my best.

Live in the moment. Yesterday is gone. Today is almost over. And tomorrow may never come.