These are pictures of my FRIENDS!!

This is my best friend Beckie on the left, and me on the right. This was at Roy's (Beckie's boyfriend) graduation party. Word.

This is one of my greatest friends, Josh. He is my ex boyfriend, but has remained a great friend to me. He is one of the only people I can talk to about anything, and that I know is my true friend. <33

This is Paul Dabreu. An ex of mine that I miss a lot, and I hope to be hanging out with sometime soon. Hes a great kid, and all kinds of fun.

This is my friend Jason.. trying to start a modeling career... he is Josh's little brother, and he is good to talk to sometimes. He is a good friend to me, although I do not talk to him very often.

This is Josh, with his dog spike! My leg is in this picture, haha.

This is Roy (left) and Chris (right) when we all went to
Friendlys.. good times..

This is Chris and Greg. Both very wierd kids, but I hung out with both of them a lot over the summer. I dont see Greg much anymore.

This is Roy again, Beckie's boyfriend. He is wierd, but a good friend to me. =)

This is my friend Dan. Dan lived here for awhile, but he moved to Ohio to go to college. We dont talk much anymore, but hes still a good friend.

This is Timmy. Reuben is dancing around behind him and Beckie is grabbing his boob. I LOVE TIMMY. lol. he is great, fun to be around, and hes kinda crazy.. but we love him.

This is Tylor, hes crazy but a great friend =) I love him and he has always been there for me when I needed him, even after he moved away. He is awesome.

This is BECKIE, my best friend ever. I love you Beckie!! Beckie is the best friend anyone could ever ask for in their life. I love her so much and I wouldnt know what to do without her.

This is Joseph Conrad Jackson II. He is my ex boyfriend, I was with him for somewhere around 3 years. We are still kind of friends, but not half as close as we used to be.