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Welcome to Our Small Space on the Internet!!

Kylie and I

Kylie and I grew up about two minutes away from each other in the same tiny blip on the map of Newfoundland, lovingly referred to as 'the rock'. While we've known each other and have been friends our entire lives, it's not until we were in college that we got together (hooray for vodka!!). On June 5, 2004 (our 5 year anniversary) Kylie very romantically proposed to me, and of course, I said yes. I'll try and post a little more of our story later. He recently completed a degree at MUN, with a B.Sc degree, majoring in physics and minoring in math. He plans to return for 3 more years to get an engineering degree as well.

Kylie with his degree.

The main focus of this web page will be pictures of my neice, Amelia.

I became an Aunt on September 22, 2003 when my beautiful neice, Amelia Ann Marie Greening was born. Born at 9:29AM and weighing in at 7lbs 8oz, she was welcomed by huge smiling faces with tear streaked cheeks. Already she's almost a year old...she's growing up so fast.

Taken before they even left the hospital. As you can see, Aunt Kelly already thinks her little neice is the most beautiful baby in the world.

Note the look of fright...he's getting better about holding her now though.

Even though this is a webcam shot (digital camera was at Kylie's house at the time) it was too cute not to show the world.

Wearing Aunt Kelly's sunglasses.

My little Grover.

This is my most recent picture, taken on August 20, 2004. I'm wearing the white shirt, the other girl is my best friend, Renee.

I'll get some pictures of our friends up (yes, that's right, we have friends) as soon as I can find pictures of them all that they like...if you guys are reading this, STOP BEING SO DAMN VAIN!! NOBODY OUT THERE GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!!!! GET THE HELL OVER YOURSELVES!!!!! Okay, I'm done venting now.

Here are a few pictures of local scenery, taken by Kylie and I.

Taken at Saltwater Pond in Sweet Bay.

Another shot of Saltwater Pond...Kylie took one, I took the other, we don't remember who took which one though...I think I took the second one.

The sea arch in Tickle Cove.

My personal favorite.

Did I mention that the sunset was awesome?

Another shot of that amazing sunset.

This is the town of Tickle Cove...and nope, this isn't edited, that amazing sunset actually made everything pink. It was just one of those moments that we were lucky enough to catch on camera.

This is my dog, Wesley.

This pain in the arse is my cat, Twiggy. When I still lived at home, just about every morning I woke up with her laying on my chest, purring and licking my nose. Since she was 15lbs last time she was weighed, it made it kinda hard to breathe.

This is my sister's cat, Simba...I'm just starting to like her, she's losing the bitchy attitude. Not much I can say about Simba except she's a bitch.

As you probably know by now, photography is a hobby of ours. Kylie is pretty good at it too. He must be if he managed to take a picture of me that I kinda like.

I had to put this picture up, because it's one of the rare ones you'll get of Kylie. He usually puts on a goofy face when the camera comes out, so this was definitely a Kodak (er, Canon) moment.

There will be more pictures of friends and our life to come...stay tuned!!

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