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Name Viasena
Age Adult
Gender Female
Sire Mirdainuu
Dam Tisuna
Species Raveen Kat
Mate Iriuun
Birth Pride Light Neverending
Current Pride Earth's Calling
Element Crystal
Abilities Crystal Takeover: The user turns itself or another into crystal.
Notes She has a couple faded scars. Both of her eyes are a glowing sky blue, and she has perfect nightvision. Hanging from her rustic-gold earring is the symbol of Nebuula, Orcle's second Son. She probably wears this symbol as Nebuula is seen as a being of balance, but also he is the protector of the Shard Plains - which is heavily populated by Earth-elements (the Shard Plains is the resurrected version of the Rock Plains).

Origin Battle Prides

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