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Name Taimu
Age Adult
Gender Female
Sire Luukos
Dam Sepultura
Species Raveen Kat
Birth Pride Time Eternal
Current Pride None Yet
Mate None yet
Element Burial/Were Halloween mix
Abilities Unrest: Instantly causes a target's soul and body to become tangled between the realms of the living and the dead. During this time the target will be in immense physical and mental pain as the realities vy for domination, jerking both the soul and body in two different directions. This will last for up to five minutes, before the soul and body become one once more, however the confusion will last much longer as the body tries to readjust. The target will be unable to defend itself for up to 1hr.
Notes If wounded she heals instantly(flesh-wounds only). She can Soul-read, and has vampiric fangs which can be used to drink the essence of life out of her meals. Because of the self-healing methods of a living being's life essence, she can cause any serious wounds or fatigue to be healed by drinking the blood of others. She has perfect Night Vision, and somewhat better hearing than the average Kat(although not as good as her Father's senses).

She can see unbound spirits (as in, spirits who do not have physical forms like an Energy does), and has the same gift as her Mother when it comes to helping an unbound soul move on. She can devour a soul, and obsorb it's power.

Around her neck she wears a small glowing Hourglass-like amulet. The glow comes from the blue sand within, which is endlessly counting down to something. What it's counting down to, one will only know when it reaches the last bead of sand.
Cub Pic
Origin Battle Prides

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