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Name Sepultura
Age Adult
Gender Female
Sire Wild
Dam Wild
Species Raveen Kat
Mate Luukos
Birth Pride Wild Unknown
Current Pride Time Eternal
Element Burial
Abilities Death's Undying Revenge: A wave of fire, a wave of ice, a wave of rocks, and a wave of metal blades are sent flying at the target from all directions. The only way to avoid such an ability would be by the use of a shield, or teleporting away, as not even another wave can cancel this.
Notes She can mindspeak, and read the minds of any who do not have mindblocks/a more powerful mindreading ability. If she is wounded she heals instantly, no matter how bad the damage. Her eyes are silver-white, and around her neck she wears a black collar which holds a wrapped mummified bird talon. The bandages she wears on herself are bloodied, and some of the blood is her own, while most of it isn't.

Burial Kats are called Burial Kats because they are the element which was left behind in the old ages to lay dead Kats to rest. They'd place the dead body in the ground, but their duty wouldn't be over by this point, as they'd help the soul of the dead move on. The way they did this however was somewhat unusual, as the Burial Kats would devour the soul of the Kat, and absorb it's life essence and power. The reason behind this was they believed that when the power of the dead is gone, then the soul has no choice but to leave. To this day some Burial Kats still follow this practice.

She is one of those Kats, and because she's devoured the souls of five Kats that's why she cannot sustain any permanent wound. She also has perfect nightvision, and can teleport at will by turning in to sand and reforming elsewhere.

Her ears are not a mutation, although they are an unique trait to her element.

Sirah's ninth kat
Origin Battle Prides

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