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Name Rynduuk
Age Adult
Gender Male
Sire Zjarmuu
Dam Iawen
Species Raveen Kat
Mate Altyerre
Birth Pride Dark Embers
Current Pride Nature's Breath
Element Blue Fire
Title Semi-God
Abilities None
Notes He can Soul-read, and if wounded he heals instantly. He has Perfect Nightvision, and is immune to any form of cold - including powers ice-related. He is also fully Cryokinetic, meaning he can create/manipulate ice, as well as conjured blue flames which are colder than ice and more harmful as they both burn and freeze upon impact with a target.

Born on the day of the Eclipse he was born with the curse - or blessing - of said day. His Elemental Mutation shows up in the form of a Blue Fire upon his tail, and four wings made of the same flame type. These flames are always cold to the touch, and have the ability to either burn or freeze upon the touch of an enemy. They always give off a blue glow, and the wings can expand to allow for flight. He has the power to cause feathers made of blue fire to surround him, like a protective shield, which can burn or freeze any attackers, or be sharpen in to ice and be used like darts.

Growth Notes
As an adult his powers have progressed to the point where he can actively affect the temperature in the world around him, and in those inside of living things. If he so chose to do so he could lower the temperature in someone's internal body heat to the power of freezing, and in essence flash-freeze them from the inside, or burn them from within. This power can also be used to take away the damaging heat affects of fire that may be used against him; reducing the flames to harmless bits of light that would do hardly any damage to him. He can freeze the world in his immediate surroundings, and even cause the air itself to fill with sharp pieces of ice that once inhaled can cause an irritating or very harmful reaction in the throat/lungs.

His blue flames are now also able to obsorb and destroy other flames (except Demon and Spirit Flames), basically devouring them and using them to fuel their power. So if he was ever in a fight where the opponent is using fire, he could just send a blast of blue flames at their fire and have that attack essentially backfire on them.

As he was born a WoR he also has a living Guardian dwelling within his soul. This Guardian is always with him, which can be a comfort or annoyance depending on the relationship between WoR and Guardian. A Guardian can only take on physical form when it's charge is angry, greatly injured, or in desperate need to cause harm/protect someone. His Guardian has the form of a large Fin-covered Eel, made entirely of blue flames. It has the power to cause physical damage, as well as a freezing bite which instantly paralyzes and turns it's victims in to ice statues.

Form: Fin-Covered Eel
Element: Blue Fire
Powers: Can create waves of blue fire, as well as possessing a freezing bite which turns it's victims in to statues of ice.
Cub Stage
Origin Battle Prides

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